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It’s not everyone who goes looking for help from someone who practices Chinese Medicine. Whether your body is aching, your mind is frazzled, or your heart just feels like there’s a disconnect somewhere, you’ve discovered an important truth: It’s all connected.

It’s likely that you’ve heard the same recommendations from traditional medicine doctors over and over. Take this pill; try to reduce your stress levels; let’s run some more blood tests; let’s schedule an appointment with a therapist. Maybe nothing’s coming up abnormal, or maybe you’ve gotten an alarming diagnosis. Either way, you know it’s time to really start taking care of yourself like never before.

You are much more than the sum of your parts, far more than a set of symptoms that need treatment. You are a glorious being in progress, deserving of the help and healing you need to become your very best Self.

Our Team
Aiden Seraphim Lic.Ac. from Heart Center Transformational Acupuncture LLC.
Aiden Seraphim Lic.Ac.
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