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About Us

Award-winning video content and promos -- primarily for live theatre and other arts organizations -- all done with a positive social cause.

We see the bigger picture of the positive effects of the arts, and we understand the unique needs of theatres and other non-profit arts organizations. Our aim is not just to make great videos; it's to help these critically important organizations to sell tickets, win grants, and accomplish all of their marketing goals.

Also, a portion of all of Invisible Harness's profits go toward sponsoring children from under-privileged households to attend Theatre Arts programs.

How We Got Started

After over 15 years in video production, founder Tim Neighbors recognized that his live theatre clients had unique video needs that didn't always fit well into the standard video production model. That realization, coupled with his love for the arts, led him to create Invisible Harness, a video company and marketing partner specifically engineered for arts organizations.

Our Ideal Customer

Mid-to-large live theatre, opera, or performing arts companies.

Our Team
Tim Neighbors from Invisible Harness - Video for the Arts
Tim Neighbors
Products & Services

Show Trailer ($2500, with discounts available for smaller orgs)

We'll shoot and edit together a cinematic video trailer to promote your production (Live theatre play, opera, ballet, etc). Some of our clients say that our video trailers are their single best marketing tool.

Company or Program Promo or Fundraiser Video (Starting at $3,500)

A carefully crafted, tediously produced, promotional video about your organization and why it's awesome, or about a program within your organization and why it's amazing. We will do our homework, listen, and communicate with you to ensure that the messaging is on point and the video's goal is...

Show/Performance Coverage (starting at $500)

Single or multi-camera coverage of your performance from beginning to end.
Businesses We Recommend
The Arts People provide valuable software tools for performing arts organizations. They are very friendly and helpful, and they know their stuff, bringing a deep knowledge and broad experience in the performing arts.
Green owl is a powerful resource for non-profits -especially education-based orgs. Highly skilled, trustworthy professionals with a heart for any good cause. Fast, responsive, reliable, and a great value. I highly recommend.
WhereLA is a well-established means of advertising in LA. Their 'Performance" magazine is perfect for live theatres and concert halls, offering a great way to promote themselves to a well-targeted audience while they are captive - before a show.
Professionally trained, pleasant, and capable.
This is such an informative group and a wonderful concept. Every time I leave a B4B Think Tank meeting, I feel energized and my head is swimming with new info and creative marketing ideas, regardless of who was in the hot seat that day. It's fun, free, and very informative.
Playing for change is a fabulous organization that has a tremendous positive impact around the world. I fully support this organization and the great people running it.
Green owl is a powerful resource for non-profits. Highly skilled, trustworthy professionals with a heart for any good cause. Fast, responsive, reliable, and a great value. I highly recommend.
I've had a good relationship with Tanya and the rest of the team at Marshall Reddick for several years. They are very good at what they do, trustworthy, and offer a much needed service -particularly for anyone just starting out in real estate investing. I know this from personal experience and I highly recommend them.
TBJ Productions brings a team of professionals who know what they are doing, are great to work with, and produce a quality product that is on target. If you are after quality, TBJ is likely for you.
I've been working with Stan for years. He is great to work with, very available, and knowledgeable.
A very fresh, fearless, and sexy editing style combined with the professionalism of Amber Kandarian and her team makes DOCUinc a winning formula and a great means to humanize your brand and/or communicate your message. I definitely recommend them.
If you want it translated accurately, go with Verbio. This is a top notch translation company and I recommend.
Past Events & Promotions
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We'll do the first one for half off our regular price. This offer is only good if booked in 2017 and is only available to performing arts organizations in the Portland or Los Angeles Areas.
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