About Us

Do you need a Temp to get projects done? Don't call an agency, call KPM! Licensed, insured and experienced. Ongoing projects or "Hit-n-Run" focus projects. Get those tedious tasks OFF your To Do List and on your To "Done" List. Together We Work Smarter - Your New Best Friend!!

Contractor Vetting (Subs or GL)

Make sure those you hire are properly vetting to do business with you. Protect your business!

HR / Personnel

Do you have employees? Then you ought to have: Employee Handbook? Properly compliant employment forms in Personnel Files? Do you have employee orientation for New Hires? Well, you ought to!

Job Costing / Budget Forecasting

How profitable are you? Do you track your costs? Do you set budgets?

Spreadsheets - Data tracking

Do you need to track, calculate a project via spreadsheet(s)? I can surely assist you!

Projects you just can't get to - -

YOU focus on revenue generating tasks. I'll focus on all else. If you're looking for a temp to handle your projects, call Me!! Ongoing, One-n-Done, you name it - - Jill of All Trades!

CPA / Tax Accountant (all but....)

Your CPA / Tax Accountant stays up to the minute for what deductions qualify year after year. Make sure your paper and e-records match your accounting. I don't do taxes but your CPA will be happy with how I help YOU get ready for them!

CRM / Systems Input and/or Maintenance

Have data that needs to be organized and effectively utilized via a CRM program? Excellent! Are you actually using it efficiently? I can help you with that!

Organization: Files, Office, Books, Systems

Know your business inside and out. Use simple and effective systems to track: Costs, AP, AR, Time Sheets, Spreadsheets, Expenses and more. Being organized saves time AND money!
Businesses We Recommend
They get to know your name and don't forget that or your order, visit after visit! Anita blew me away from the start. Best Coffee and Staff in Portland!
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Local fresh ingredients, friendly wait staff, feels like home!
Talented stylists (Kim's amazing!), agreeable scheduling, friendly and willing to get you the hair you dream of!
If your media isn't working well for you yet, let Royle Media get your media working smarter for you, not harder. Talented, smart, fair, reliable!
Our Team
Karen Montez from KPM Business Services
Karen Montez
Business Operations Medic (temp)