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We work with small, medium and large businesses. Our ideal customer is small and medium companies, but we've done extremely custom work for clients as large as 20th Century Fox Studios. Our doors are open to all clients and treat each as unique individuals.

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Since 1999 Neturf has been helping clients with marketing, advertising online while developing web-based software applications ranging from online e-commerce shopping cart software to content management systems (CMS), point-of-sale (POS) systems & more.

How We Got Started

Most advertising agencies are geared toward only assisting large, national and Fortune 500 companies. We strive to be the affordable web & advertising agency for small and medium sized businesses. Pay as you grow marketing services!

First Fridays Downtown Oregon City Returns October 6, 2017 Local Shopping, Restaurants, Pubs, Artisan Goods, Vintage Goods, Clothing & Apparel, Collectibles & Many Other Local Services! Come Join Downtown Oregon City & Singer Hill Every 1st Friday, June Thru October WHEN: Every First Friday,...

Completely Customizable eCommerce Shopping Cart Websites For Businesses of Any Industry

Tailor to Fit Your Unique Company Needs & Growth Rent or Purchase with No Further Licensing Fees eCommerce Website Shopping Carts to Fit Your NeedsNeturf ecommerce and shopping cart website applications allow any business, regardless of industry, to sell products or services online. Every...

Completely Customizable Web-Based Point-of-Sale System & Shopping Cart Websites For Businesses

Tailor to Fit Your Unique Company Needs & Growth Rent or Purchase with No Further Licensing Fees Web-Based Retail Point-of-Sale SystemsNeturf web-based retail point-of-sale applications allow any business, regardless of industry, to sell products or services in-store and online without any...

Completely Customizable CMS Websites For Businesses

Tailor to Fit Your Unique Company Needs & Growth Rent or Purchase with No Further Licensing Fees Content Management System (CMS) Website ApplicationsContent Mangement Systems from Neturf allow any business to manage their website content without having to know any programming or coding...

Full-Service Social Media Marketing, Research, Implementation & Analysis

Step-By-Step SMM (Social Media Marketing) Assistance Social media is today's word-of-mouth advertising. While Facebook is the undisputed largest social media platform, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest among many other social medias, have strong user bases, and demand attention when it...

Website Application Development

Web App Development With No Limitations What is a Web-Based Application? Web-based (or website) applications are equivalent to software programs that run on your computer at the home or office. However, instead of just being able to access the program from the one computer, you can access...

System Module Add-Ons

Customize & Add New Features to your Website Application When it comes to using a Neturf website application, your possibilities are limitless. Below is a small sampling of Add-On possibilities available for Neturf website application base systems. If you require the development of a...

Branding & Image Development

Creating a company's brand and image is one of the most important first stages of marketing and advertising. A company's brand should clearly portray an image of identity, competence, professionalism and trust; all at once. A brand must convey the following: - What are the company's goals?...

Full-Service Print & Offline Marketing Services

Print & Offline Marketing & Assistance Despite online and digital advertisings extreme popularity and effectiveness, print and other offline advertising mediums are far from dead and still have importance in today's world. When used properly print and offline advertising can greatly...

Full-Service Search Engine Marketing, Research, Implementation & Analysis

Step-By-Step SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Assistance Your business is unique as should be your SEM campaigns. Whether advertising using Bing, Google's AdWords Search Network / Display Network, or combination thereof; Neturf will help develop a Search Engine Marketing campaign that is tailored...

Marketing Survey & Poll Services

Marketing Survey & Polling Services Completeing marketing survey questionnaires and polling of prospects, customers, vendors or others is an efficient method of receiving feedback and data. Depending on the type of data and information you need to collect, Neturf can help create and implement...

Video Marketing & Development

Video Marketing & Development Services Video marketing (using video snippets or full-videos in advertising) is blowing up the advertising world. According to Forrester Research, ads that use video have a 200-300% increase in click-through rates! Smart businesses know that video is taking over...

Non-Intrusive Voice & Telephone Marketing Services

Introducing Non-Intrusive Ringless Voice & Telephone Marketing Services While online and email marketing services may be dominating today's marketing efforts, voice and tele-marketing services are still very effective and beneficial methods of advertising business products and services. Using...

Facebook Ad Intro Special

While we fully recommend the research steps we outline on our Social Media Marketing page in order to get the best conversion, and return on investment; we have developed some affordable and lead producing, introductory packages for clients to give social media advertising a try, without fear of...

Controlling Your Online Digital Presence & Reputation

myBRANDrep by Neturf Your customers use Google & other online directories to find you - shouldn't you be in control of the information they see? Controlling a company's brand and image is important to organic & natural SEO strategy, as well as overall business health. Can customers find you...
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Jason Runyan answered Which Brand of Computers Would You Buy Again? Apple vs....
20 days ago • 2 Likes
Apple. I switched from being an avid Windows users for nearly 20 years about 10 years ago...I've NEVER looked back. Apple's hold their value, and you can sell for at least 50% of what you paid 5-8... (more)
Jason Runyan answered How Can a Spa With a Low Budget Compete With the Big Box...
3 months ago • 2 Likes
There's a number of people that would prefer to give their money to local business versus big box. It's about building awareness that you even exist. If they don't know you exist, then they can't... (more)
Jason Runyan answered What Is the Best Feature to Use on an Insurance Agency...
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
Due to the nature of your industry, I'd suggest making sure that you have proper social media platforms setup and connected to your website. Social media is today's word-of-mouth and an excellent... (more)
Jason Runyan answered What Are Effective Organic Ways to Get New Customers for...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
1. Make sure you know your target market, demographics, including the keywords and phrases they use to search. 2. Make sure your brand is everywhere your target market is (including all social... (more)
Jason Runyan answered How Can I Get Sales on Social Media for a Dog Treat...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
We have a great 3-part series about advertising on social media here http://www.neturf.com/products/how_to_advertise.... However, for a quick answer, I'd suggest allowing several people to signup... (more)
Jason Runyan answered How Should I Advertise A Cleaning Business?
3 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Rodica, There's a lot of great answers here, so many in fact I've not read them all. What strikes me as of UTMOST importance is that the cleaning industry is one of trust; more so than many... (more)
Jason Runyan answered How Can I Avoid Cold Calling but Still Grow My Network of...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Jane, Mark and Maury have some great advice! I especially like Mark's notes to clearly identify who you're marketing to; and definitely make sure not to have any distractions taking away from... (more)
Jason Runyan answered ​What Is the Best Marketing Advertising for a Small...
4 months ago • 1 Like
Hi Leila, My associate Eddie responded earlier, but I wanted to expand ... In my 18+ years of experience, every business is unique; each has to take into account their own target audience, (as... (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered I Am A Realtor, Can Anyone Recommend A Good Social Media...
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Hi Jess, My name is Eddie and I work for a company called Neturf Solutions LLC. We do web design, marketing, and advertising. We have some really great Social Media Marketing packages going on... (more)
Jason Runyan answered Marketers, How Do You Acquire Customers Around Your Own...
1 day ago
I'm presuming you already know your demographics, target market, etc. You need to start by making sure you're accurately listed in all the local directories; such accurate and plentiful listings... (more)
Jason Runyan answered Is Doing Your Own Marketing a Smart Move as a Home...
about 1 month ago
Is doing one's own building repairs and maintenance good for a marketing professional? I recall a saying over the years "a good business owner knows their weaknesses, and hires others to handle... (more)
Jason Runyan answered How Can I Inexpensively Market My Childcare Service?
3 months ago
Hi Katrina, I understand you can't afford marketing, but have you utilized all your free avenues and marketing channels? Do you have at least a free website setup as the main hub of all your... (more)
Jason Runyan asked How Do You Build an Emotional Connection Between Your...
3 months ago • 1 Reply
Marketing is the psychology of making an emotional attachment between the customer and a product/service. What are you doing to make an emotional connection with your potential customers and clients? (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered If You Were Searching for Someone to Build You a...
3 months ago
Hi Brad, Thank you for connecting with me on Alignable. You can also connect with my company Neturf Solutions on LinkedIN at http://www.linkedin.com/company/neturf-solutions On those social... (more)
Jason Runyan asked What Has Your Experience Been With Using Just Social...
3 months ago • 1 Reply
Many clients come to us using just a social media page (like Facebook), versus social media tightly integrated with their website. We've found tight integration normally leads to increased... (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered What Is the Best Method for Promoting My Home Inspector...
4 months ago
Hi Ed, My name is Eddie and I work for a company called Neturf Solutions LLC, we do Web Design, Marketing, and Advertising. We have a social media marketing special that is right up your alley. ... (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered Where Can I Find An Affordable Website Designer For My...
4 months ago
Hi Clintal, My name is Eddie and I work for a company called Neturf Solutions LLC. We do Web Design, Marketing and Advertising. We have a very affordable and effective small business starter... (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered How Do I Get Targeted Customers, Targeted Traffic to My...
4 months ago
Hi Anneze, My name is Eddie and I work for a company called Neturf Solutions LLC. We do Web Design, Marketing and Advertising for businesses. We currently have a Facebook marketing special that... (more)
Eddie (Edward) Donnelly answered What Is the Most Effective Way to Advertise Your Business?
4 months ago
Hi Amanda, My name is Eddie and I work for a company called Neturf Solutions LLC. We do Web design, marketing and advertising for businesses. Prior to coming to work for Neturf I worked for a... (more)

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