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GOT PAIN? need STRESS relief? or better BRAIN HEALTH? Natural non-invasive LED light therapy is FDA cleared to increase circulation and decrease pain.

Free 20 min session to see the LIGHT!

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone in pain that needs relief. Any clinician looking to naturally and non-invasively help others with pain relief. Anyone looking for increased productivity in their sport. Anyone looking to have general wellness.

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Sherry Cardona from Shine the Light Therapy
Sherry Cardona
light therapist / owner
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Inlight Wellness light therapy systems

Its time to take control of your health and wellness! Light therapy is natural non-invasive and restorative. Light therapy stimulates the release of nitric oxide, a molecule in our body involved in all healing processes. Benefits include increased circulation, tissue regeneration, pain...
Businesses We Recommend
Bruce is a great guy, very personable and definitely jumps in to make network connections. His wellness center has everything you need combat pain and get you feeling better again!
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This is a great opportunity to experience the effects of LED light therapy. Light therapy is a natural non-invasive way to decrease pain and inflammation. By increasing circulation your body creates nitric oxide and ATP ( your cellular energy) which gives your body the boost to heal itself. Come...
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