Our Ideal Customer

An ideal customer for us is someone who is overwhelmed with stuff and needs help getting life under control. We often work with people in the process of moving or remodeling. We can help with home staging or just cleaning out the kitchen.

About Us

Hi. My name is Amy. I have been a professional organizer for 11 years. I am here to help people organize their stuff and the emotions it can sometimes bring up. I have vast experience in the work force. I have administrative, management, book keeping, corporate and self starter skills. I am also very hands on and get down to the nitty gritty. There are a variety of charities I work with to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Businesses We Recommend
Judith is kind and understanding. I have been working with her for several weeks and look forward to my last couple of sessions. Thank you Judith!
Sean knows his stuff! He will steer you in the best direction available.
Our Team
Amy Swallow from Stuff Adjust
Amy Swallow