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About Us

I am on a mission to change our sick care system to that of wellness. I offer customizable supplements in isotonic form that get into your bloodstream within 5 minutes with 95% absorbed. I also carry a wide variety of other products. As a product brokerage company we are able to provide products with the best ingredients on the cutting edge of the latest science.

I can also help people to create an ongoing substantial income just from buying the things you are already buying. It's called a #ShoppingAnnuity. You're already buying it - paper towels, toilet tissue, food, clothing, home improvement, health and beauty, pet care, skin care, baby items, ... why not make it work for you and create an ongoing income by owning your own shop.com website! It's a multi-million dollar website that you can own for only $129.95. Shopping online is where it's at. It's not going away. In fact it's growing every year.

I offer free consulting to help you save on your everyday items. It's free to use at UShop1stop.com. My Blog at JayeTompkins.com has links to all that I offer.

How We Got Started

I want to make a difference in peoples lives. Feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Also help people save money and make money - on the money you're already spending.

Our Ideal Customer

I am Looking for people who want to improve their health. They may have challenges like autoimmune challenges. I have products to support pain, inflammation, reduce toxicity, autoimmune challenges, fibromyalgia, strengthen arteries, improve immune system, support digestive system, support issues with gluten, hearth health, cholesterol, sleeping, energy, headaches, depression, skin disorders, sleep, antiaging, allergies and so much more.

I am also looking for people who want to own their own business, be your own boss and get all the tax advantages without havng the cost of a brick and mortar store and all the overhead that goes with it.

I can help you build an ongoing income just from buying the stuff that you're already buying!

I am looking for people who like to help people and want to save money.

Our Team
Jaye Tompkins from Jaye Tompkins
Jaye Tompkins
Products & Services

Isotonix supplement, OPC3

OPC3 is the most powerful antioxidant on the market today. It is a super antioxidant. It removes toxins, builds up your immune system, strengthens arteries & veins, helps reduce inflammation, reduced pain, helps with autoimmune challenges such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, helps...

Debt Shredder

Debt Shredder has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments. It provides clients with an easy to use online tool to minimize both time and interest paid on all debt
Businesses We Recommend
Michael Chase is very knowledgeable with SEO and making your website work the way it needs to work for your business!
Dr Robyn MacKillop is great at helping you get online with videos and creating your own online program
Bruce has some amazing machines at Tri-Oasis to help you lose weight, eye fatigue, a barometric chamber which is good for a number of things and more. He always has interesting classes there. Bruce is a wealth of information and always a pleasure to talk to.
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If you have a facebook page make sure you use the target area and type in categories or groups that would be interested in your product. After you click on the target and start typing it will come... (more)
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I know a couple of people Julia Shaw at Shaw Marketing is great on Facebook, for a fee she will post for you and/or advertise for you and help reach the targeted group of people. Start with your... (more)
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What Loren Ridinger of Market America and Motives Cosmetics has found to work well is to ask influencers to sample the products and those people have posted on Instagram leading to 4 million... (more)
Jaye Tompkins answered Who Do You Turn to When You Want to Lose Weight?
18 days ago
Enjoyed reading all the comments. I agree that diets don't work and it is a lifestyle and a mindset. Losing weight is a misnomer but it's the most searched word you almost have to incorporate the... (more)
Jaye Tompkins answered Does Anyone Know How to Build a Shopify Website for...
23 days ago
My company can build a website for you - the cost depends on what you want. I also know 2 people who are awesome at building websites and they are very tech savvy. It might be a good idea to... (more)
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