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My ideal customer is someone who wants to grow into the best person he or she can become; someone who is longing to love him/herself unconditionally and to embrace the shining, powerful being he/she is.

About Us

Ann helps people experience the pleasure of knowing they can live more joyous and abundant lives. Using her gifts of intuition and energy healing she can assist you to connect to your own higher truth and clear the old tapes allowing you freedom to choose a more fulfilling path.

Appointment only. No Walk-Ins.

How We Got Started

I was recreating myself after my husband's death. I began studying the metaphysical in greater depth becoming first a Reiki Master/Teacher and then a Karuna Healing Master/Teacher. I, also, took classes in psychic development and tarot.

Reiki Classes - Levels I, II, Master (III), and Teacher

Reiki is an ancient, scientific technique which activates the body with Universal energy strengthening the immune system for the healing and transformation of self and others. Once attuned to this frequency of universal radiant energy, it will never leave and you will be able to access it simply...

Exploring Your Intuitive Potential

Is it time for you to "ramp up" your intuition by learning and practicing intuitive skills? Then these classes are for you! In Reading and Working with Energy, you will learn to read and manipulate energy. Learn the 4 "clairs": Claircognizance (clear knowing); Clairvoyance (clear seeing);...
Businesses We Recommend
Dave has an open, compassionate heart. He is a skilled teacher. His ability to work with Spirit and numbers is amazing. I recommend getting a reading with him.
Brenda has 25 years experience facilitating small groups. Shis is a thoughtful, compassionate person whose goal is to assist others to develop healthy thnking patterns that lead to more productive living.
Paula is a compassion and caring woman of integrity. She has been most kind in helping me to settle into my new community.
I am new to Washington and know nothinbg about Washington business laws. I consulted with Bryce and found him to be knowledgeable about business structures and taxation. He was helpful in guiding me in making decisions about the business structure that would best meet my needs. He has a delightful sense of humor.
My interactions with Song Bird Grand Mother have been enjoyable. She is compassionate and caring.
Edwin Biggs CPA pc, Evergreen CO
Edwin Biggs CPA pc
Evergreen CO • 989.7 mi away • Accounting
Ned has been my account since 1982. He has always given me good advice and done an excellent job in filing my taxes.
Christine has a warm, compassionate and loving heart. Her background as medic in the US Air Force, her training as a massage therapist, certified aroma therapist, and now her training in kinesiology alows her to treat the "whole person". She will assist you to heal yourself.
The sauces are delicious. They will custom tailor the sauce to meet your company's individual needs and will even make a company label for you.
Janet is professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
Stephanie is a woman of intregrity and knows Eastern medicine. I have had the pleasure of using her services. She helped me keep my body in balance.
Jean Anne is very knowledgeable about crystals and a wonderful teacher and healer. I have often used her services and highly recommend her. She has helped me so much.
Maricela, is compassionate and intuitive. She has created some fine essential oil products.
Duncan, did my astrological chart for me and gave me an accurate reading.
Dr. Stevens, truly cares about her patients. She works with the patient to find the appropriate course of treatment. She is compassionate and caring. And she knows her stuff! I am much healthier thanks to Dr. Stevens guidance.
Linda is thoughtful, compassionate, and caring. She is knowledgeable about aroma therapy and I enjoy her cranio-sacral treatments. Her cranio-sacral treatments release blocked energy.
Tracy has a warm, loving, an compassionate heart. She is adept at clearing space and clearing crystals. She is a Certified Reiki Master and a Certified Karuna Healing Master. Her energy work is wonderful.
Dagmar is warm, compassionate and loving. She listens actively and is in tune with spirit.
Lena is conscientious and compassionate.
Kathy is a woman of integrity who genuinely cares about her clients. I have enjoyed working with her.
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I waqs recently widow and needed to build a new life. I was too fragile to return to conducting psychotherapy groups, so I began taking classes. I took Psychic Development, Tarot Reading, Reiki... (more)

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