Our Ideal Customer

My ideal client needs a professional marketing team to handle all of their promotions, or they have an internal marketing person that needs help filling in the "gaps." They value an agency with professionals in web design and development, social media, strategy, and traditional marketing. More importantly, they are looking for a marketing partner to help them grow.

About Us

Hype Marketing is a full service marketing agency focused on helping business grow.

At Hype Marketing, we get that owners of small and growing businesses don’t have the time to

focus on marketing while they’re running a business. We get that most owners know they need a clear-cut strategy and an organized marketing plan – but don’t have the expertise to pull it together. And, we get that it’s hard – if not impossible – to hire and manage a marketing team or afford the fees of a big agency.

That’s where we come in. Meet your Virtual Marketing Director, Sabrina McEntee.

As President of Hype Marketing, Sabrina is your go-to virtual marketing partner: an experienced professional who will deliver results – even when you’re too busy to think about your marketing.

Sabrina’s comprehensive approach begins with a strategy session to explore your business goals and challenges, and discuss your expectations and budget. She will provide high-level strategic direction and design a dynamic marketing program to support your specific business goals.

In addition to strategic planning, Hype Marketing’s virtual team of graphic artists, digital/web designers, writers and social media experts will implement your marketing plan and execute your projects from start to finish.

All at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time team.

Great marketing isn’t just for companies with big budgets. We get that you want to invest your marketing dollars in the most efficient way. Whether you need short-term help creating a smart marketing road map, or on-going help managing your entire marketing effort, outsourcing with Hype Marketing means you get just what you pay for: Results.

How We Got Started

I've always loved the opportunities and challenges of effectively marketing small and growing businesses. Every business should have an experienced marketing professional backed by a seasoned team, dedicated to delivering results.

Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is the blueprint for achieving real and measurable results. At Hype Marketing, we know that investing the time upfront to develop a smart strategy is the secret to true marketing success. We work with you to review and clarify your business goals. Identify your ideal...


Your brand or visual identity is an essential marketing tool, serving as the foundation of all your communications. With HYPE Marketing, we’ll create a dynamic unified brand that will be memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate for your business. Branding systems typically include a logo,...

Website Design & Search Engine Optimization

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a website. But, in today’s far-reaching and ever-evolving online world, you just can’t be on the web, you need to break through the clutter, grab the attention of your customers, and, ultimately, gain their trust and business. Hype’s approach to...

Social Media Strategy & Execution

We understand the power of social media and digital marketing to grow your business. We also know how challenging it is to gain traction in the super-crowded social space. At Hype Marketing, we use our brand-building know-how to align your social strategy with your business goals. Then our social...

Email and Print Marketing

The more targeted the message, the more likely it will resonate and motivate readers. That’s what continues to make direct communications one of marketing’s most effective tools. Whether part of an ongoing effort or a one-time special promotional event, direct communications lets you reach...
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The value comes from the fact that you are an expert in your field. As marketers we understand how to speak directly to your target audience, provide valuable content, and measure our results. I... (more)
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I would reach out to past clients and ask for referrals. Perhaps you can create a tab on your website or even a simple postcard with your branding with 5 great referrals to show off how great you are! (more)
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Hello Roy, I currently harness the power of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to reach my target audience. My agency offers these services so we are well-versed in this area. I'm actually quite... (more)
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Melody, Wayne has made some considerable great points here. A smart combination of online and offline marketing allow you to cover your bases in terms of reaching your ideal client. But before... (more)
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