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About Us

Businesses struggle to attract their ideal customers. Traditional marketing - yellow pages and newspaper ads are no better than burning money. Technology is not used by machines, but people. Today the best way to connect and engage with your audience is through storytelling with videos and other online content.

How We Got Started

I love helping entrepreneurs to thrive. Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by small businesses - the backbone of our economy. Over the years I've met and worked with business owners who inspire to constantly look for ways that I can help other entrepreneurs.

Our Ideal Customer

Either a small business that is ready to grow their reach with online content, or a business owner who realizes that they may need to play for selling their business

Our Team
John Chang from Bush Pilot Marketing
John Chang
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Can Your Customers Can Find You Online?

Find out why 72% of your business may be going to your competitors. Discover the one mistake that made a local business was invisible to their own community. Avoid shutting down your business because you didn't know this one secret. (hint: it's so simple even an eight-year old knows it)
Businesses We Recommend
Jaime and his team offer complete online solutions for businesses. If you're looking just for a website, there's plenty of designers around. But if you're looking for professionals who understand your business goals and can help you achieve them, contact Bloominari.
Dave Shorthill understands the unique financial needs of business owners. His advice saves them not only time and money but helps them achieve the freedom they deserve.

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