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About Us

Trusted mentor passionate about creating win/win/win experiences to help CEOs and business owners make better, safer, faster decisions to grow their businesses, grow professionally and personally. Pascal holds a MBA from San Diego State University, a BS in International Business, 25+ years of experience as founder & CEO of technology start-ups Alerts.com & eShop and a tenure as Managing Director at Microsoft.

Our Ideal Customer

CEO, business owners of small to medium size businesses looking to grow their business, grow personally and professionally.

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Pascal Stolz
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Peer advisory board

Peer advisory boards help leaders; make better decisions, drive accountability, grow, relieve isolation and manage change.
Businesses We Recommend
Cara has an incredible depth of knowledge to help family businesses sort through simple to complex challenges. She is a true "Trusted Advisor" loving to helping businesses plan ahead. I highly recommend Cara! Pascal