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About Us

Welcome to Daniel Olexa Hypnotherapy!

My Motto: To Help My Clients Create the Lives of Their Dreams.

My client-centered approach to hypnotherapy focuses on YOU reaching YOUR goals, breaking YOUR negative habits and creating the positive changes that YOU desire. My goal is to help you become the person you know you can be, the person you dream of being; to give the tools to free yourself from negative patterns and discover your personal power to create your ideal life.

I am here to help you stop smoking, lose weight, create a powerful new self image and find wholeness in yourself. You truly will be a whole, new you. Focused, energized and empowered. To find out other ways that hypnosis can benefit you, see the Services page of my website.

Through a variety of powerful techniques, I can help you to reach your goals.

Services include:

Stop Smoking

Lose Weight

Restructure Limiting Ideas and Beliefs

Manifest Prosperity

Improve Sales

Improve Self Confidence

Eliminate Negative Feelings

Ease Anxious or Fearful Thoughts

Improve Job Performance

Develop a Success Mindset

Improve Creativity

Sleep restfully

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Relationships and Communication

Create an Ideal Body Image

Together, we can create your Whole. New. YOU!

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal client has a goal in mind - they can see positive changes in their life, but are having a difficult time making it real.

At the moment they probably feel stuck in a repeating pattern of failure.

They just need some help in overcoming the obstacles that they perceive to be blocking them so that they can achieve their desired outcomes.

Maybe they have tried other forms of counseling and/or coaching, from which they saw some success. Now they are ready to try something different - a process that goes straight to their subconscious mind to re-frame negative, limiting beliefs into powerful messages of ability, worthiness and achievement.

Our Team
Daniel Olexa, CCHt from Daniel Olexa Hypnotherapy
Daniel Olexa, CCHt
Owner, Certifed Clinical Hypnotherapist
Products & Services

Online Hypnotic Success Sessions Available

Are you too far away to visit me in person? No problem! I offer long-distance sessions via Skype. *NOTE* - I do not induce hypnosis over Skype. Our session will consist of discussing your issue and goals. After our talk, I will create a personalized recording for you, based on your...

Create your non-smoker's mindset!

UPDATE: August 7, 2017. This page is now ready for business! Thank you for your patience as I worked out the bugs in my new site! You're not a quitter, are you? Of course not! So why would you say that you "quit smoking"? That phrase has a stench of failure to it. A more powerful way...

Life Coaching -

Do you feel like you're beating your head against a brick wall? Is it time for a change? If the thought of hypnosis is too spooky for you, let's talk about Life Coaching instead. I'm here to listen and help you discover your path around obstacles in your life. We'll work together to get you...
Businesses We Recommend
When I had to close my original practice in Florida and relocate 3,000 miles to Los Angeles, Ann was instrumental in helping me to redefine my target market and messaging. As a business coach, she's fantastic. I know of others who have used her coaching services to find the inner resources and strength to move on from difficult work situations, or even unemployment, to discover a new role that they look forward to being engaged in every morning. I highly recommend her services.
During just a brief conversation with Mark I saw how engaged he is with his clients. He's naturally curious about them, what they do and how he can help them improve their businesses. He asks targeted questions that get his clients thinking about other possibilities, about how they could do things differently and get new results instead of being stuck in the same loop of diminishing returns. I highly recommend Mark and Take Control Marketing.
Kristie is a talented healer and coach. Her method of incorporating practical guidance with spiritual systems such as Reiki leads to powerful breakthroughs. I highly recommend her.
Beyond just being a wonderful person, Tanya is an insightful and engaging coach. She's passionate about empowering women to discover their best, pursue their best and be their best. Her retreats are full of excellent content and are very well produced.
Gale is simply amazing. Her groundbreaking work in reprogramming hypnotherapy continues to create life-changing breakthroughs for clients. She works closely with her clients to guide them to create new beliefs for themselves that support the achievement of their goals. I highly recommend her book, "Reprogram Your Subconscious" for anyone interested in learning more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and her specific protocol.
Beach Cities Tax and Books provides great tax service. As a new CA resident last year, I was in need of someone to help me navigate a variety of questions and forms. I don't recall who initially recommended Beach Cities to me, but now I understand why they did. Monique took care of everything in a very timely manner. I am very happy with their service. And, while I don't look forward to tax season, I do look forward to working with them again next season.
Past Events & Promotions
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I am excited to announce Success Sundays in the Riviera Village! This is an on-going event -- Every Sunday! Personal, one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions to help you realize your goals, overcome obstacles and create your Whole. New. YOU! These special Sunday sessions are half-price! My...
Join me for a very special class to get yourself back on track to reach your goals this year. Friday April 21 at 6:30PM in Redondo Beach. An evening of meditation, connecting with your intention and setting goals to create your success in 2017. Class fee $25 to cover materials. This...
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Curious if hypnotherapy is for you? Let's talk about it. No pressure, no cost.

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