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About Us

Hello my name is Greg Roberts, i am a financial and debt solutions expert with Canadian Customer Debt Relief in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. I have been in this industry for over 20+ years and have helped thousands of Saskatchewan residents avoid bankruptcy by using our services.

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and live here with my wife Jennie and our 3 Children (Isaac, Ruby and Lacey). I understand what its like dealing with debt and have been there myself. Raising 3 children and maintaining a household in this day and age is not cheap and its no small task.

Having someone on your side that does not work for or that is paid for by the banks is a great advantage for you!

I work for you as an advocate to eliminate your debt.

My interest is in getting you out of debt as that is the only way I earn a living for me and my family.

If I cannot help you our services cost you nothing.

Who does that? CCDR.CA does!

Feel free to contact me for a no cost and no pressure consultation to see if our services can help you.

866-804-7750 or my direct number is 306-757-2237 X153

Email: greg@ccdr.ca

My Company is a financial and Debt Solutions Company and is the best at what we do!

Our goal as a company is to provide alternatives to solutions such as Bankruptcy, Credit Counselling and other devastating avenues currently available.

We believe strongly in Financial Education and provide what we call Debt-U-Cation to all of our clients and those that seek Debt knowledge at no charge. We are a performance based company and will only cost you if we provide results! You will always be in a positive net savings position with our company.

Specialties: Debt Negotiation, Canadian Mortgage Services, Financial re structuring, Credit establishment and restructuring

Find out How my Company is different!


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How We Got Started

Wanted to help consumers overcome the burden of debt without having to go Bankrupt or through credit counselling.

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone wishing to rid themselves of unsecured debt such as credit cards, loans, collections, etc. without having to go bankrupt and without a public record.

Our Team
Greg Roberts from Greg Roberts with Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc.
Greg Roberts
CEO / Owner
Products & Services

Debt Settlement Services

We negotiate settlements with your unsecured creditors and they forgive the difference. Almost All unsecured debt can be negotiated. We take over handling any collection calls. We are A+ BBB Rated, Licenced and Bonded. We have helped thousands of Canadians overcome the burden of debt. Get your...
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