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About Us

Business owners who want to find more clients and revenue for their business call me, but many more call for training and management assistance or just so they can not have to face all the challenges of their business alone! I look forward to speaking with anyone who would be open to a 15-30 minute consultation for any kind of business challenge, training, or coaching.

How We Got Started

PowerTies Consulting has grown out of the need that more business owners and executives have for outsourcing their training and getting good guidance for their teams or themselves week to week on all the challenges of running a business or managing others. We are certainly not the cheapest choice, but the value we provide is worth the investment in your business and yourself!

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer has been in business for over a year, and is making revenue between 50,000 to 250,000 per year. They must be coach able and often they already have a challenge they are looking to resolve over time. For an inquiry, schedule time with us at www.calendly.com/powertiesbiz !

Our Team
Keith Tully from PowerTies Consulting Group, LLC
Keith Tully
Managing Partner
Products & Services

One-On-One Business Coaching

Working in a business on your own can be lonely and confusing sometimes. Being able to reach out to an expert with business knowledge and resources can be a great advantage and comfort! Don't go it alone, hire us as your business coach and get the feedback you need to take your business to the...

10 Front-line Insider Marketing and Business Secrets That Really Work!

This is a book that offers up my experience as a business consultant and delivers some important and exciting business tips for you to succeed! Implementing even one of these tips will help propel your business forward! Go here to purchase the book: https://www.createspace.com/6572895

Free Resume Submissions

Send PowerTies Consulting Group your resume and we will work to put you in front of a large group of hiring businesses (through a partnership with Indeed). We cannot guarantee results, but we have helped many people find recruiters and employers who would not have otherwise found their resumes....
Businesses We Recommend
Lynn is a terrific realtor! ('nuff said, right?) She's been in the business for years, has all the right connections, has "sold out" open houses. You'll have multiple offers for your house in a short time with Lynn. Great referral for others too!
Dillon is a top notch PCS professional. I am recommending him to all my military buddies in my network! He is dedicated to helping his clients with everything they need and he goes an extra mile as well!
Sue cares about her clients and goes to bat for them in a big way! Her closings are usually 30-45 days (unheard of in most other firms) and that is all because of her diligent efforts to create the right balance of tech and personal attention for her network... Highly recommend!
Rachel is a fantastic person an also great at her work. She not only has the ability to help clear your clutter in a way that is both beneficial and educational, but she also is licensed to offer therapy so you can figure out why you gain clutter and/or why you don't want to get rid of anything. I have seen her work with others, and I was impressed. I think it also is a great way to be able to deal with the emotions of removing your cherished items or your loved one's items with a sense of closure as you do it. I fully recommend Rachel to everyone I know!
Paul is a great businessman and dedicated to his trade...if you need security or are just looking for a new venture, then you should trust him to help you get started!
Tom has tremendous experience, I will recommend him to everyone.
Amy knows her clients and investors well, she treats everyone fairly, and she goes above and beyond all the time...she's a resource not just a realtor.
Daniel has grown up in the real estate industry. He is knowledgeable and works as hard or harder than any broker I know on behalf of his clients.
This is a great space and a great way to save on rent in NYC (I know you hear me people!).
Robert Brake and Trevor Tunnell are fantastic resources and T-Square Properties is a place of integrity and hard work. I highly recommend these guys and their business to anyone. They tell their clients what they really need to hear and they get the job done right the first time. Work with this company!
Charles is one of the best minds in marketing, and he knows how to make the most of his clients' ads, client lists, and marketing budgets. He has what it takes to build your business, and a killer network behind him that can handle any client needs. I highly recommend him to anyone, and I do it as often as I can! He's a trustworthy guy and he knows a great deal!
I can't tell you how great Randi is, she just has so much HR experience, I always recommend people to her and seek her advice on all HR issues.
Michael is a great financial manager...he treats his clients right. I have full confidence in his abilities, and trust his judgement. I recommend him to others whenever I can.
Patrick is a visionary and dedicated to his profession. Excellent person to do business with, and he has the right people in his network to get the job done. Highly recommend.
Andrew White at Charter Oak Financial is an amazing resource for anyone looking to understand their finances and invest/plan wisely. Wealth planning and a full analysis of your finances and some key strategies to earn money, protect assets, and make sure of your family's financial future are the basics of what Charter Oak can do. I highly recommend that you give Andrew a call, and just have a chat. You'll be happy that you did.
Eunice Santino at Dime bank is amazing and should be consulted by all small businesses in the area looking for bank accounts, loans, and anything related to small business. She is a terrific resource and I use her whenever I can and I recommend people to her all the time. Dime has some impressive new programs and resources for merchant services as well. Give Eunice or your local Dime Bank a call today!
Robert is always getting compliments from his clients, become one and find out why! He's always trying to save his clients money, and he is just great at what he does...highly recommend!
Sonya is a fabulous trainer and helps her clients train to move better and reduce pain, not just lose weight and feel better, although that occurs as well... She's got the right blend of training, dedication, passion, and compassion for her clients! Just amazing. I look to recommend her whenever I can.
Dave is a fantastic help in building leaders. He and I have worked with teams in corporate America. And I know he also serves clients around the world as well. Dave truly cares about his clients, and it shows in his work.
Patrick is an amazing person first of all... he treats every customer as if they were family. And with his multiple locations and long history of business within the family, he just knows how to "get it right" when it comes to taking care of things for your family and loved ones. Highly recommend his services!
Margarita is an amazing person, and always looks out for her clients, and gets results...bottom line is that she is great!
Goodfriend Storage,
Goodfriend Storage
Call in here and talk to Victor Maldonado or his team. This is a brand new storage facility with great ammenities. They have good hours and technology to keep your items safe and clean and dry in their many, many rooms. Call them...it's worth it.
Jack is a fantastic wealth planner, and he is straightforward so no double talk! He's a pleasure to work with!
This is a great service for anyone you know looking for a loan!
Alberto has been doing this work for a long time, and he is a reasonably priced service provider. I recommend him.
Ulrick is a great example of what leaders should be, and he is helping people every day...he also has a great network of professionals who he can reach out to if needed... don't be afraid to ask him a question... he can find a good answer! Highly recommend.
Susan is one of the best insurance people I have ever met. Wonderful to work with, goes the extra mile for sure, and her network is amazing! She will find you what you need. I highly recommend her to anyone who has ever asked me for help with their insurance.

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!