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About Us

In today’s ever-changing online landscape you need an online marketing firm that can seamlessly integrate your website, social media campaigns, and online marketing campaigns together. Jonroc is a full-service website design, website development, and online marketing firm which allows us to manage all aspects of your online presence. Our all-encompassing approach allows us to easily synchronize campaign strategies and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.

You can boil the Jonroc advantage down to this: We can help you reach your target market while providing you with your exact ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

How We Got Started

Online Marketing and Website Design is a passion of mine. I was first introduced to it when I was running my families business, Party Perfect. Making a long story short I decided not to continue in the family business, trading a "shore thing" to follow what I'm passionate about instead.

Today Jonroc is a thriving company with accounts all over the country. Our success lies in what I learned from managing my families business. Namely, that running a business is more than crunching numbers and creating products or services. It’s about creating a trusted relationship with our clients by getting to know them and their business or organization. With that trusted relationship as the foundation, the success that follows is only natural.

Our Ideal Customer

We have a niche in the event industry but we have also helped all types of small business achieve their online marketing and online presence goals.

Our Team
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Benjamin Johnstone
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