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A person who is passionate about natural health and who would love to be able to help animals be restored to wellness and stay that way.

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The mission of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN) is to shape leaders in animal naturopathy (true natural health care) and raise the profile of the Animal Naturopath, Animal Health Coach, Natural Animal Nutrition Consultant and Natural Animal Health Practitioner through coursework, testing, certification and continuing education of the highest standards and ethics. In so doing our goal is to enhance the public’s trust in the quality of natural/naturopathic animal health care.

Certifying or credentialing forms a basis in which natural animal health practitioners can gain the self-assurance needed in today’s competitive market. Animal owners, consumers and businesses will make decisions based on creditable references from one reliable source as the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.

It is believed this service will undoubtedly improve natural/alternative animal health care delivery, improve public confidence, and create increased opportunities for greater insurance reimbursement for services rendered and practice legislation in states which remain resistant to natural or alternative animal health care licensure.

ACAN believes that in order to be an effective leader in animal naturopathy, one must share their knowledge and create more leaders rather than harboring it and only creating more followers.

Certification through A.C.A.N., as a professional in your field showcases your commitment, experience and dedication to consumers seeking your services and can lead to higher visibility, opportunities, and employment.

How We Got Started

We wanted to create an online educational platform for those wanting to become certified in animal naturopathy. (true natural/holistic animal health care)

Certification Programs in Natural/Holistic Animal Health

We provide thorough, online education in animal naturopathy for both the pet owner wanting to know how to care for their companion animals naturally and the professional who is seeking a better understanding of animal naturopathy via our classes, certificate programs or continuing education. ...

Holistic Wellness for Dogs Class

We offer ONLINE classes in Holistic/Natural Pet Care for the Pet Owner/Parent interested in taking a more natural approach to caring for their dog’s wellbeing. From species specific nutrition, creating a toxin free home, eliminating pests & parasties and on through to wellness maintenance. We...

Equine Nutrition Course

Gain a working understanding of the digestive functions of the horse and the underlying principles and benefits of a natural, species-appropriate feeding regimen in this online class you can take at your own pace.

Natural Dog Training Behavior & Health -ONLINE course

Learn the philosophy of truly natural, positive dog training. and earn a certificate of completion! Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. “When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change” (Dr. Wayne Dyer). When we change the way we look at our dogs, our relationship...

ONLINE course - Metal-less Horse

The Metal-less Horse Understanding the Long-term Effects of Metal on Horses In this extensive, certificate class you will learn of the detriment of the use of shoes on the hoof and bits in the mouth that effect the long-term health of the horse. The goal of this course is to have the student...

Be Certified in Small Animal Naturopathy/Animal Health Coach

Life Changing Certification Program! Study online, at your own pace to become a Certified Small Animal (dogs and cats) Natural Health Coach! Pay tuition in-full and get one free course and the certification exam at no charge! This certification program is designed for those who are...
Businesses We Recommend
We highly recommend The Doggie Diva as a pet sitter and natural animal health coach.
We always recommend a pet sitter over taking your companion animals to a boarding or veterinary facility when you can't be at home with them. Having a pet sitter is a naturally healthier option - no stress or anxiety or exposure to other animals with unknown health histories is just the beginning of reasons to use a pet sitter or dog walker.
As a Koi Pond person I have experienced how UV light is able to keep water sparkling clean - NATURALLY! It only makes sense that a UV light would be able to sanitize the air as well. I have not orders and tried one yet but PetAirapy's PORTABLE AIR PURIFIER with a six-part filtration system looks and sounds amazing! Especially for households with animals and for people with allergies!
What a wonderful and very needed educational service in Pet Alert!
A total care approach to pets, love it! We could use many more businesses like this available for our companion animals. Especially pet care businesses and services that understand the importance of natural health.
These pee pads for pets are machine washable and dryable, environmentally friendly and they are a great eco-friendly and economical alternative to costly pee pads that are easily destroyed and have to be disposed of after each use. They can be used for puppy training and little dogs with small bladders, incontinent dogs too! And even in cat litter boxes. These reusable and washable pee pee pads can also be used as crate mats or car pads to keep your seats clean and to protects floors, carpets, and furniture. Dog pee pads are ideal for housebreaking puppies, older or incontinent dogs, and dogs that are “home-alone” all day while you are at work or away.
We highly recommend Holistic Animal Bodywork Courses by Angel's Animal LLC. They are also a Preferred Educational Provider that provide Continuing Education (CE).
We always recommend dog walkers and pet sitters over boarding kennels or stays in veterinary clinics. It is far less stressful and much healthier for your companion animals to be able to stay at home when you need to be gone.
We always recommend harnesses over collars and Walk in Sync harness ends pulling, lunging and jumping in minutes in a gentle, positive manner!
We highly recommend pet sitters and dog walkers for our students and clients. The pets don't have to be stressed out or be "over-vaccinated" by being boarded at a kennel or veterinary office. I have not met Tammy yet but this is an amazing service/business you should be looking further into for the welfare of your pets if you can't be home with them for any reason.
Dr. Jennifer is a manual osteopath and nutritionist that has a passion for animals as well as people and is able to help you and your pets be restored to health and work with you both to thrive!
NOGC's Pet Powder is amazing! All natural so safe and healthy for use with pets! All of their products are non-toxic and truly effective at eliminating odors without any synthetic fragrances that just cover or mask the odor - their products ELIMINATE the odor!

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