Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who wants to connect with music and the world of percussion, whether it is playing along to your favorite song, or getting ready for an audition, or playing in your school's ensembles.

About Us

My purpose is to help others realize and reach their potential through music. I teach drum set and percussion lessons out of Enjoyable Noises in Roanoke, VA and Mainstream Music in Blacksburg, VA. I am also a drummer for hire and play with several local bands and theater groups.

How We Got Started

I decided to leave the corporate world and do something that I love to do.

Drum and Percussion Lessons.

I work with all ages, as well as special needs individuals, in an effort to teach them how to play percussion and drums.

Drummer for hire

I am a drummer for over 30 years. I perform with several bands and theater groups. I am able to read sheet music, as well as transcribing music for myself. I have both acoustic and electronic drum sets which allows me to be as compact and quiet as needed, or large and loud.
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Good honest folks, doing good honest hard work.
They are always going above and beyond in getting the word out for local businesses and helping out raising attention and funds for local charities.
The best in Blacksburg for all your construction needs.
Enjoyable Noises, Roanoke VA
Enjoyable Noises
Roanoke VA • 3.6 mi away • Store
Knowledgeable and fun music staff.
Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Our Team
Rick Godley from Fun Drum Lessons with Rick
Rick Godley
Drum Set and Percussion Instructor
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