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and sharing is what I do. I never want you to run out of money and have to solely rely on social security. My job and I do it well is giving you the tools and strategies to live life happily ever after. Did you know that you could use insurance to fund your retirement. I did not know until I got into insurance and retirement planning. It frustrates me that you only know what you know and my job is to share with you what you wished you knew. I look forward sharing what I know.

How We Got Started

Wanted to try something new that would put me in front of people so I could help them. Helping others, troubleshooting, listening and being there for folks is what it is all about. My clients love me because I care about them. Recently a dear friend of mine Christine and her husband Harold had medicare Plan F and the monthly premium skyrocketed and I was about to save them over $300 a month. That gives them $300 that they can use for whatever reason which I hope is to enjoy life.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal client is someone who is kind and thoughtful. They want to know what options are out there and are responsible by thinking about their family or employees. They know that I am there to help them. My ideal client if young is thinking about setting up a small savings for their children or a back up plan in case a family member passes. My ideal client is like me a baby boomer and I can help them get an income for life from their IRA, 401k etc. Most worry about running out of money, I will make sure that does not happen. I treat my clients the way I want to be treated. I know so many folks out there get scared so what do they do, they take their retirement and put it in the bank, tax deferred yes exposed to the market OUCH. I will sit and explain how it works and why you have wonderful options. An example one of my clients has a $100,000 401k and within one year it grew an additional $16,000 + that is not including the 10 percent bonus she received.

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Lori Rehfeldt from Independent Life Health and Annuity (retirement planning) agent
Lori Rehfeldt
Agent and Financial Retirement Planner
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