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The ideal customer for Nerdbox LLC and myself is someone that has either just started or someone that is looking to expand their business. Nerdbox LLC offers people just starting an easy solution to get everything running from a business plan, website, mobile app, and even vendor tie ups for shipping purposes. Instead of the business owner taking their idea and setting all this up we do it for them. when a business owner is looking to expand maybe develop a mobile application, or increase their SEO strategy we're there to reach out and capture the results they want.

About Us

Established in February, 2015, Nerd Box, LLC, is owned and operated by Matthew King. With a Master of Technology / Information Technology Project Management from the American Public University System, King has over a decade of experience in the technical field.

Throughout his six-year military career, Matthew King was responsible for 88 technicians and three work centers, as well as for managing work flow, reporting, data analysis, records, and daily operations. He brings that experience, and discipline, to each and every project that Nerdbox takes on. The company is known for its top-notch website design and development, including that for mobile devices. The company also has expertise in WordPress content management.

Nerdbox brings a team of developers together in order to ensure that your website is working just as hard as you are in running and growing your business. This includes offering you support in the areas of content writing and video editing, as well as providing network, administrative, and data entry support.

In addition, when you partner with Nerdbox, the company will also establish long-term Business to Business, Business to Customer, and / or Customer to Customer relationships that can increase your company’s business – and ultimately, revenue – via internet marketing strategy, social media marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), and / or SEO (search engine optimization).

Nerdbox has successfully used a variety of result-driven data in order to ensure that clients’ marketing is on track, and going in the desired direction. Just some of key strategies include using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Search Console in order to successfully drive marketing campaigns.

Nerd Box, LLC, is also a Top Rated provider on Upwork.com, a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate on projects. With a 100% job satisfaction rate on Upwork, Nerd Box has worked with a long list of satisfied clients – many who hire us on a regular, ongoing basis. You can check out our current feedback and learn about us by visiting https://www.upwork.com/agencies/~01a5cf3bd6a543.... We’re also an A-rated company by the Better Business Bureau.

Want to see if working with Nerd Box will be a good fit for you and your company’s needs?

Schedule a time for Matthew to call you by booking an appointment on the website.

You can contact us at: support@nerdboxllc.com, or visit our website by going to: http://www.nerdboxllc.com.

How We Got Started

I had been doing freelancing work on a site called Upwork for about a year. When I realized that I could form a team to provide services to fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. I formed the team and business on February 2015. We have since established the business on upwork with a very high rating for providing top-quality work. I felt that I needed to start this service because I had quick access to an entire staff to do what most business owners don't have time to do, especially when they are just starting. So we take that burden off of them.

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