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Branding #Business Names across the web!

No contract needed.

Month to Month

Package #1~~ $50

Package #2 ~~$75

How We Got Started

Started as a thank you to the small business owners who donated to my raffles for a fundraiser I had. I continued to grow a love for local businesses. One day I was offered payment to talk about their business. It grew into what it is today from there.

Our Ideal Customer

Customers who do not want or know how to use Social Media. Those who want their business name on as many sites as possible during the work week. I brand their business by posting all over the web, blogging and many sites most never hear about. I also manage their Facebook page for those too busy to do so.

Our Team
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Lora Trout
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Daily postings on many social media sites and blogs of your business. I can even manage your business page. Events can be posted too~ Starts at $50 monthly~~Check here for more info~http://promotecommotionnetnetwork.blogspot.com/p/promote-commotion.html
Roanoke Airsoft Event~https://ticketbud.com/…/928a1546-003f-11e7-ba52-0f46dc3be4c5 Alright everyone - this is a big thing for RATAC Alpha. Drum roll please!!!!!! We are finally cool enough to use TICKETBUD! So sign up now: Fight for freedom as a US soldier or Rock out with the Jihadi's!~...
Roanoke Wedding Crawl 2017 Downtown Roanoke Sunday, April 2, 2017 Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. And 100% of the ticket sales go to the Roanoke Valley SPCA!!!~~http://promoteweeklyevents.blogspot.com/p/the-roanoke-wedding-crawl-for-spca.html
Products & Services

Promote Commotion

Social Media Manager, Posting your business on many sites online.

Looking for more models

We need more models~~~ Male, Female, Young Old, all sizes~~ Fashionista Roanoke has many events, and opportunities for models coming up, so we need YOU. Experience does not matter. Even if you have never modeled before, WE WANT YOU~~~ Click the registration link, learn more or contact me or...

Want to volunteer your talents and time?

We are looking for photographers for Fashionista Roanoke~~ Experienced or want to learn~ Shooting events, fashions shows and shoots~ Interested in learning more. Contact me
Businesses We Recommend
This is the business to take a look at when you want to be the tan one. Safe and easy. Contact Barbara today!
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Clean Carpet Solutions
This is another locally owned and operated business. Quick responses, great services and awesome results. Highly Recommend
This local family owned coffee shop inside 16 West Marketplace is just what we all need. A great place filled with way more than coffee. A great atmosphere and some pretty awesome coffee too! Stop by soon
One of the best #localguys around. Russell does the best job possible and is for sure one that care's about what you think. If you need the best, call the best. Clean Carpet Solutions.
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Secret Whistle Works
These guys have done logo's and graphics for my business that have attracted much attention. Highly recommend.
Have you tasted her creations. All we need to say. If not....you are missing out.
I have worked with Steve on many projects. He is easy and fun to deal with and he gets the finished photo's to me quickly. I highly recommend Steve for any photography needs.
There are not enough words to express the talent this guy has. There are enough pictures that tell the story. Everyone should know about this one~
Melissa not just sell's Visi Products she lives them. Knowing so much about the truth of the product and sharing with us how they have helped her and so many. Want to know everything, contact Melissa. We highly Recommend Visi with Melissa
What a great way to have fun, get exercise and learn more about #airsoft. Retail store and Battlefield in Moneta
This guy is amazing!!! The talents, and gifts he offers will make you want to get to know him. He is a #reikimaster, #hypnotist #lifecoach and speaker. I plan on bringing him to Roanoke soon. Keep watching!
Check these guys out!!
With many offices and resources United Support Services is there to help~~People Helping People~~ They live up to their motto daily. Highly Recommend
The food....outstanding. The people, fantastic. If you haven't tried them yet, you need to. Downtown Roanoke!!!
Such an awesome business....no wait. Roanoke Airsoft is more like a community. With a Retail store and a place to play, this is one that is a super asset to our area. Take a look ~
Past Events & Promotions
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I am looking to bring a #reikimaster and #guestspeaker to Roanoke. He stays over night and I need a meeting room that we can use for free or low cost. He will speak the 1st night and do Reiki the next day. Preferably a Sunday/Monday deal. Are there any hotels that offer a meeting room to a paying...
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Win a 1 hour Life Coaching Session with Rob from The Healing Frequency. The winner will do this over the phone so it is open to anyone anywhere.~ Can enter once per day. See what you can learn about yourself and your life. http://gvwy.io/6dkzhqr
MODEL MEETING~ This meeting is for those who are wanting to participate in 2017 events as MODELS . If you are underage and need your parents to sign paperwork, they are also welcome. This is the time to register, be involved and take part is some pretty great fundraising events in the Roanoke...

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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