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Promote Commotion is going into the 8th year of promoting #smallbusiness and #localevents on the web. Pricing compared to social media managers has and always will be much lower than National or local standards. We will have a slight increase come July 16th. So now is the time to LOCK IN RATES NOW~ No contracts, No raising rates as long as client is in good standing. Promotions on the web Monday - Friday on many different social media sites and blogs. Managing pages for businesses Mon - Fri as well. Learn more about what we do, read reviews from other clients, and see rates now at this link~ http://promotecommotionnetnetwork.blogspot.com/ Never hesitate to contact me at promotecommotion@yahoo.com or Promote Commotion on Facebook.
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NON-STOP PROMOTING COMMOTION SINCE JUNE 2010~~LOW RATES TO GET LOADS OF COMMOTION PROMOTION~ http://promotecommotiondoesit4u.blogspot.com/ #PROMOTIONS ~ #ADVERTISING Branding #Business Names ac...(more)