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12 years old to 75 years old

About Us

Roanoke Airsoft carries AEG airsoft rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, BBs, protective gear, optics, and more! Tech repair and upgrade services available.

RATAC Battlefield by Roanoke Airsoft is on a 41 acre site featuring a downed Cessna airplane, trailer trucks, cars, bunkers, ....3 miles of roads, and villages.

See our Facebook page or go to RoanokeAirsoft.com for more info.

How We Got Started

A great sport that gets you up and moving, for everyone 12 and up,

The sport encourages strategical thinking, team building, communication, honesty, leadership,and a certain amount of athleticism.

Roanoke Airsoft & RATAC Battlefield

Retail airsoft guns and gear and 41 acre Battlefield to play the sport. MilSim, Team Building, and Training offered.

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John Davis from Roanoke Airsoft
John Davis