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About Us

Our physical, psychological and social comfort levels as well as our personality and behaviors are largely shaped by the world and culture we were born into. What we've learned, experienced, and practiced, combined with factors such as our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/preference, our health/mental health, age, education, socioeconomic condition, etc. play a role in the decisions we make and how we respond to events in our lives.

Life presents challenges related to family and relationships, illness, career, trauma and/or loss. In addition, dealing with loneliness or fears related to our own mortality can cause symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Establishing a relationship with a trusted partner who listens can help you rewrite and make sense of the stories of your life and help you navigate through even the most challenging or difficult transitions. In time, you will grow stronger and gain confidence as you move forward.

Our Team
Nancy Marie Solano from Acrossworlds Counseling, Nancy Marie Solano MS MHC LP
Nancy Marie Solano