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About Us

Choice-making and decision-making are much the same thing. Too often we make choices that we later regret. I have a system that I call "strategic choice-making" that helps people to examine not only pluses and minuses, but also the influences of which we are aware or unaware that may be pushing us toward what someone else, rather than we ourselves, may want. Your choices should be YOURS! Let's talk!

How We Got Started

My doctorate from the University of Rochester involved creativity and motivation. A life side trip (we've all had them) took me into the field of addiction counseling, where I learned a lot about the bad choices that people make. As a result I started a two-year training in Life Coaching and opened my business a litle later.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is some who is, oddly enough, either over confident OR lacking in self-confidence. The former tend to jump into decision-making with too little thought of costs or consequences. The latter often under-estimate their own ability to make choices, often leaving them to other people... and then wondering why they don't get what they want.

Our Team
Diana Gardner Robinson from Diana Robinson - The Coach of Choice
Diana Gardner Robinson