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Here's a tip. It's all about content. There are only two types of content: You and everything else. That's why they call it social media. Ultimately the more compelling and engaging the content, the greater the response. That doesn't necessarily mean important, or a scoop It means you must share in a way that is generous, at times personal, and above all, Real, as well. Within this concept of quality information flow being paramount, there is a style, a sentiment or conveyance of personality that is inextricably intertwined in your writing. As you establish your Brand of information, that is, your identity, business, topic of interests, causes, theme, etc, you also will develop your presence incrementally, at the pace you choose, on each and all platforms. Who you are as a person, your character or persona, is gradually established and recognized by others in the long term. Clearly then, what and who you say you are formally, informally, subtly or implied is who and what you will be, and once established it takes a greater and overwhelming amount of information to change that impression. Therefore, a word of caution, what you say never really goes away. It's always out in cyberspace waiting to be retrieved. Good or bad, you'll always own it. My best advice is only say the kind of stuff that you wouldn't mind leaving your pet parrot, blabbermouth at the neighborhood gossip's house while you're on vacation. To be truly authentic you must be totally transparent. Manners, etiquette, respectful, upbeat, engaging, it all eventually becomes your phoenix (rebirth). Baby Boomers, this is your opportunity to recreate yourself for that second career or second chance. For young folks and many of the more astute business folks, the sum total of your platforms/identities is the modern day resume, LinkedIn style . As the numbers continue to grow in electronic/computer devices to communicate worldwide and hard copy paper resumes diminish social media will be the primary source of identity introduction and recognition..

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Are you searching for consulting or freelance services? If you are in need of Photographer, Writer, Artist, Antique Appraiser, Antique Broker, Advertising, Marketing and Selling Services you have come to the right place. TreasureCat Ventures is a full service Agency. We provide Ebay Services, Agents, Manage Sales, Shipping, Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Platform, Identity Development & Social Media Administration Services.

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Charles Tijou from TreasureCat Ventures
Charles Tijou
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Full Service Advertising Agency.

Ebay sales since 2000, we've owned Antique shops, an Antique Warehouse biz, participated in numerous shows, flea markets, events, owned an Architectural & Stained glass Wrecker biz, Appraisal & Insurance Service and Consultants, Public Speaker, Lecture & Road Show style seminars, Topic Specific...
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