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About Us

Your Next Cup is an office coffee service (OCS) provider for businesses throughout Rochester, NY and surrounding communities. Founded in 2007, our endeavor is to add value to every business that utilizes our service. We offer a bold, new experience for avid coffee drinkers while helping employers to cost effectively meet the demands for a good coffee experience in the workplace. Your Next Cup delivers café-style coffee to every company’s employees and clients. Our fresh brewed coffee beverages include Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Mochaccino, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate and more! We utilize equipment that offers a variety of quality coffee options on a consistent basis, and that’s also environmentally friendly and customizable to each situation.

How We Got Started

Recognizing that the work environment was changing, and with these changes came a higher demand for easier access to better, higher-quality coffee in the workplace. The birth of Your Next Cup came as an answer to a simple question – can we cost effectively and conveniently deliver a café-style coffee experience to the workplace, utilizing equipment that offers quality, variety, consistency and reliability, while being environmentally-friendly and customizable to each situation?

Our Ideal Customer

Ideally businesses that have 30+ employees/customers at any single location. Offices, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Our Team
Vid Chand from Your Next Cup Inc.
Vid Chand
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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An offer for a no obligation, complementary demo.
Products & Services

Office Coffee Servics

Your Next Cup provides a cafe-style coffee experience utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that produces the freshest coffee beverages from BEAN to CUP. Our machines not only make a freshly ground cup of coffee that is filtered twice to order, but are environmentally friendly with by-products...
Past Events & Promotions
Your Next Cup offers to all qualifying businesses / organizations a no-obligation, complementary 2-days demo. This allows experiencing and evaluating the equipment, products and service.