Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is literally anyone in IL, as I have something for everyone! Ha.. If had to really laser target the perfect customer, it would be a married couple with a home, couple cars, a few small children and a small business. Oh, and they are Cubs fans! Sorry Sox. Truth be told, we are a Needs Based Selling office. I don't follow the "Sell what's Hot Right Now" motto. My staff and I like to meet our prospects and have a meaningful conversation. We want to find out what's important to them, what they currently have in place, what gaps there are and how we can provide a solution for all of that. We take the time to truly explain what the coverages mean and what can happen to you if you don't have the right limits in place. One accident could cause financial devastation. If you're looking for 15% discount in 15 minutes, I'm sorry that we're not the right place for you. We are very competitive, but it'll take more than 15 minutes. And that is because we actually care!

About Us

I am a local guy who started a local business and love working/helping other local businesses. We are here to help people manage the risks of everyday life and recover from the unexpected..and GENERATE LEADS!

Not only are we a State Farm agency, I can help with your Lead Generation and lead gen strategies. I help my referral partners/customers generate actual leads for their business through laser targeted Facebook advertising. Forget about hiring a marketing coach, give me the opportunity to work with you. Whether you're a loan officer, realtor or small business owner, I can help. If you're just looking for cookies delivered to say thanks, I can do that too! Check out our State Farm "Mike" cookies on my personal facebook page. :)

How We Got Started

In 2010, I married into a State Farm family. My father in law & both brother in laws have successful businesses on the south side. Every get together they talked about State Farm, State Farm, State Farm. I thought they had some magic Kool-Aid because nothing could be that good, right? Without telling them, I sought out someone in Leadership and asked if I could interview agents that were NOT my in laws. I was given about 15 agents around my house. I met with all of them. After doing that I was convinced State Farm spiked the Kool Aid. Every single one of them thought they had the best career possible. The one piece of advice each of them gave was, if I was serious about this, that I should quit my job and go work for an agent for a couple years. That was a tough bit of advice as I had been working hard the last 10 years to help build someone else's business. It took me about a year to finally make a decision. I quit my job & took the chance! 3 years later I opened my business!

All Insurance and Financial Services

Auto, Motorcycle, Homeowners, Renters, Condo, Rental condo/home, Life, Disability, Business ins, Annuities, auto vehicle loans, refinances, checking/deposit accounts, etc.
Our Team
Mike Gulo from Mike Gulo State Farm Agency
Mike Gulo