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Lindsay Moss Frangie from J.G. Wentworth Home Lending, LLC NMLS 6048/2925 wrote
When they agree to a "rocket mortgage they are giving access to accounts which many won't do. So it's not even something I have to sell against. (more)
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Valerie Ferro, RDH, BSDH from ValDent Solutions wrote
Yelp has been terrible for most of my clients as they will not take down false reviews. Respond to the fake review how the "yelper" was not identified as a patient of record in your practice. Empat... (more)
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Robert Murfree from Big Creek Family Dentistry wrote
I had a similar situation when a patient who did not want to pay their bill and would not return our calls was sent to collections. They posted a bad review to get my attention. When I weighed th... (more)
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