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About Us

Tired of seeing large corporations benefit from using the latest software and marketing that caters to their wants & needs. SO ARE WE!

At CAPTEVRIX, your wants, needs and goals form the foundation or our strategy for YOUR success.

We put an experienced team of professional writers, coding experts, SEO specialists, creative designers, the worlds #1 software platform and more at your fingertips for LESS THAN HIRING A SINGLE "MARKETER".

How We Got Started

Aaron Dyess started CAPTEVRIX because he saw an opportunity to use the latest software & new technology to offer high level of "marketing" to companies that are ready to grow.

His approach is unique because our Account Managers work hand & hand with our clients to "coach" them towards results and away from what isn't working.

Business today is a balancing act of spending, making and saving money. Our team has a HISTORY of turning "marketing" from an EXPENSE to an INVESTMENT.

Our Team
Chris Buck from Captevrix
Chris Buck
Business Dev. Specialist
Aaron Dyess from Captevrix
Aaron Dyess
Sonja Dyess from Captevrix
Sonja Dyess
Accounts Manager
Kaitlyn from Captevrix
Web Developer/Graphic Design Specialist
Amanda from Captevrix
Copywriter/Social Media Specialist
Products & Services

Inbound Marketing

There's a lot of pieces the the "marketing puzzle". And each "marketing puzzle" is unique for every company. We have an experienced team of creative designers, professional writers, coding experts, SEO specialists, Account Managers and marketing analysts that know how to examine your company...

Review Monitoring Software.

You're bound to have an unsatisfied customer, so why not be prepared to handle that situation. Our review management service effortlessly posts and manages positive reviews and conveniently puts negative reviews at your fingertips so you can address challenges before they scar your image. This...

Social Media Mgmt.

Overwhelmed by determining which pics to post, what to say to attract people and connect with others that have questions or comments about your business on the growing list of networks? And then there's the scary SEO algorithms. Let us put social media to work for you by setting up a strategy,...

Website Design

Whether you yearn for a more artistic style or a professional, corporate look on a NEW or existing site, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. Usually if someone has a creative site, it doesn't "perform". And most performance focused sites aren't creative! We custom build sites that are both creative,...

Shepherd Wifi

Do you have a "free wifi" service that is in place to attract more business? Then GET THE MOST OF FREE WIFI with Shepherd Wifi. It uses your existing service to feed your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram). Shepherd Wifi allows your guests to connect for free by connecting...

Who's heard about BEACONS?

We have the ability to utilize beacons to push coupons, digital customer loyalty cards and more. Feel free to contact me and we'll explore how to customize this feature to match your business!

Need a birds eye view? We've got you covered!

One of the perks of working with CAPTEVRIX is our ability to bring special services to your business. We're partnered with RPV Drones to bring the latest DJI Phantom Drone with 4K video to your fingertips. It's perfect for land surveys, law enforcement, sports events, tower inspections and more! ...

HubSpot, Gold level partner

HubSpot has capabilities that it's competitors can't match, making it the WORLDS #1 tool for companies that want to make more money. Close your eyes and imagine the benefits of knowing EXACTLY what to do to convert visitors to your site into customers. Find out how to use a sales funnel and...
Businesses We Recommend
There's no better gift than total freedom, to dip your toes, laugh as loud as you want and taste margaritas in far away places. I LOVE the 47' that Rose has in stock. Which is your favorite?
You get out, what you put in... In GORUCKs case, Jason has put his heart into his products. If you want to see what he values, pick up one of his packs, take it home and everywhere else life takes you. It will probably be there when the next generation wants to borrow your GORUCK pack.
This company has a wide selection of products to keep your professional business looking sharp. Read their Yelp reviews and you'll see that they're the right choice!
The ReMax team is awesome. Two years ago my wife and I were looking to buy and their team saw we were first time buyers and took away all the insecurity of buying!
Our owner is a retired military pilot and I spent close to 8 years as a Navy law enforcement officer. Our team Strongly supports the Air National Guard and everything they do for our country!
Met with Robert today, it was one of the best meetings I've ever sat in. He's incredibly easy to talk to and has a ton of knowledge about how to STOP SELLING, sales will become more easier and more profitable! Want to hear more about our meeting, feel free to ask!
I look forward to my work commute because 98.9 provides a great soundtrack. (apologies to anyone I blow off the road)
Alignable is better than LinkedIn. It's incredibly useful, educational and promotes communication between businesses. Not like the "connect & forget" trend I've seen on other social media platforms.
Country Carriages,
Country Carriages
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Past Events & Promotions
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Captevrix is now offering a discount on our Review Management software. This software requires almost NO effort and automatically posts satisfactory reviews on up to 400 review sites. Originally $140/month, NOW $99/month
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IS YOUR WEBSITE A PERFORMER OR JUST "DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD"? Over 80% of potential customers shop online, ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE AND DELIGHT more shoppers that are quick to grab their smart phone. We have creative designers and SEO specialists ready to exceed your expectations. Every website...
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Captevrix has a Review Management service that is INCREDIBLY useful to ANY business that cares about its customers. This service was set up on our site to sell itself, but we're going to cut into our profits to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to our friends, family, neighbors, fellow Alignables and anybody...

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