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About Us

Students interested in Expedition Therapy complete their own application, enroll voluntary, then engage in an informal interview. Our Expedition and Clinical Teams require 48 hours to review the application including all relevant clinical, medical, and physical history.

Our ideal student is a young adult, highly intelligent, gifted, ranging from 18 to 30, who is struggling to move forward in his/her life. Our young adult experience is ideal for those who have faced hardship in their attempts at launching into adulthood. Our Expedition Therapy Team offers unconditional, emotional support while also guiding each student on his or her own empowering, personal growth journey. Students who are ready and willing to become self-aware and are also internally motivated to gain insight benefit from engaging in our unique community

How We Got Started

We have a genuine desire to work with young adults and do whatever it takes for each student to become engaged in their lives, have a healthy and transformational experience while at Expedition Therapy.

Our Ideal Customer

Expedition Therapy can effectively address the following:

• Attention Issues and Learning Differences

• Depression, Mood and Anxiety

• Substance Abuse in College and University

• Relationship difficulties

• Low self-esteem, failure to launch

• Isolation and Social Anxiety

• School failure or withdrawal.

• Computer gaming, and social media addiction

• Attachment and abandonment issues

• Family relationship issues

• Communication struggles

• An inability to move forward in life

Our Team
Beth J. Fogel
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