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About Us

McDonough's is a Drain Cleaning and Industrial Services Company in the Twin Cities. We are family owned, doing business now for over twenty years!

Don’t let your productivity go down the drain! You’ve spent years perfecting your business. Now let us help you protect your investment.

McDonough’s is a MN Sewer and Drain Cleaning Company that has been serving the Twin Cities area and in greater Minnesota for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our values and reputation, which is evident in the quality of our workmanship. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly-skilled technicians, we’re able to tackle any project safely and efficiently. We handle plumbing maintenance and emergencies not only quickly, but also economically.

We’re integrity-minded and safety-conscious. We get the job right – the first time.

How We Got Started

The current owner took the company over for his father who became too ill to continue. The company thrives on providing a quality job that is done right the first time. We use the best equipment to be the most effective and efficient that we can be. Our guys are clean cut and presentable. Each employee passes a significant screening process, a drug test and a background check. We are known for taking great care of our customers, but, we also take great care of our employees. We provide a very competitive salary, benefits package, value incentives, insurance and promotions from within. We also are one of the few vendors that carry a $5 Million Dollar insurance policy.

Our Ideal Customer

We work every job, big or small. We will do projects that take several days utilizing multiple trucks, vacuuming, water jetting and power washing, all on the same project. But we also work in private homes, residential calls. We love to help our customers by doing scheduled preventative maintenance on their drains. Keeping them clean so that they never suffer that dreaded backup. This could be a restaurant, factory, strip mall, hair salon, school, apartment building, car wash and many more.

Our Team
Clark Young from McDonough's Sewer and Drain Services
Clark Young
Products & Services

Water Jetting

McDonough's utilizes the most efficient and effective water jets available. We not only clear the clogs within your drains, we also clean the pipes to remove any obstructions that may have caused it to back up again.

Drain Cleaning

We have 8 vans that are prepared to tackle the toughest drain clogs. These vans have cable machines along with numerous other tools and tricks of the trade to get the drain open quickly. We are available 24/7 for our commercial customers. We also carry cameras in each van so we can see exactly...

Industrial Vacuuming

McDonough's has three vacuum trucks and one Vactor combination truck. These are vac trucks, like a wet/dry vac on steroids. They can suck anything from dry powder like sawdust, to sand, silt, rock, sludge, or even liquids and much more. Very powerful and very versatile machines.
Past Events & Promotions
Proud hole sponsor for this Golf Tournament in Anoka. All proceeds go to the Toys for Joy foundation.