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About Us

Specialized support for incessantly stagnant behaviors. Know what you want, but feel stuck to actualize it? Consider the assistance of an Adler-certified development coach. Just like great athletes rely upon their coaches to motivate and guide them toward success, so too can you find the motivation, guidance and accountability to live the successful life you envision for yourself. I offer no cost, no obligation sample sessions as well as a sliding fee scale for new clients. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. One life = one opportunity to maximize your potential.

Our Team
Roxanne Portnoy, M.A. from River's Edge Coaching LLC
Roxanne Portnoy, M.A.
Businesses We Recommend
Deborah is a great networker and very trustworthy. Always willing to make introductions and offer referral ideas.
  • 1730 Bayard Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55116