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I hope to connect with people who seek unique and whimsical art pieces for their homes or offices.

I have a large stable of whimsical wildlife portraits, including the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul, Robert the Tap Dancing Rooster, The Pandas and Frogs who live in the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint Paul, and many of the Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul..

I also work in abstract mosaics (large and small). Each tile is made of paper and acrylic paint and each piece is glazed to look like ceramic or glass tile.The guiding principle of these works is that each small tile looks better because of the tiles that surround it. A positive political statement for the times in which we live.

About Us

Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian. Abstract Painter. Story Teller. Creativity Consultant. I have documented the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul, the Wild Parrots of the Grim Winter of 2013, the Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul, and a host of other creatures. My abstract art demonstrates that every person and idea looks and works better because of what surrounds it. Using 2-d and 3-d, I create neighborhoods that model best collaborative behavior. As Chief Whimsy Officer of my enterprises, I am always working on my Prime Directive: Spread Whimsy.

Original abstract paintings (2-d or 3-d) representing Good Neighborhoods

Whether in 2-dimensional watercolor or 3-dimensional hand-created paper mosaic tile, each piece looks better because of the pieces that surround it: a metaphor for good neighbors, good neighborhoods, and getting along.

Big Neighborhoods 2 Coloring Page

22x33 coloring page based on Big Neighborhoods 2, an original watercolor. $48 plus shipping or pickup in Saint Paul. https://squareup.com/store/nanoscapes-and-other...
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Layl McDill is an incredibly talented clay artist. Using the almost infinitely flexible medium of polymer clay, she makes free standing sculptures (including complex, Whimsical, and beautiful teapots), large and small pieces for walls that bring life to them, and she is a gifted teacher who makes the magic of polymer clay accessible and fun.
Rae Ash's art is a national treasure. She paints images of love, hope, peace, and family that resonate with people from all walks of life, all races, creeds, and genders, and with all ages. Her "sisterhood" paintings inspire all women to say "I want to know them, or be them. "
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Susan Gainen
Artist, Author, Speaker, Chief Whimsy Officer
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