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About Us

Do you know why there is a balloon on our logo? It’s because our mission at Life Improvement Media Group, Inc. is to make your business soar. Our comprehensive marketing and media services all serve the same purpose – making you, our client, more successful.

We use the latest techniques, technologies, and platforms to grow your business. Radio, audio, print, video, social media management, internet advertising, and marketing consulting are just a few of the multiple services offered by Life Improvement Media Group, Inc.

Our studio is located in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, and like many of our clients, we are a small to medium sized local business. We believe in building strong relationships with other local business owners and providing high-quality services that fit a range of budgets.

With the Life Improvement Media Group, life is made easy for your business!

How We Got Started

I was tired of being over charged by other marketing companies that produced inferior products.

Our Team
Erik Remmel from Life Improvement Media Group, Inc.
Erik Remmel
Nathan Daugherty from Life Improvement Media Group, Inc.
Nathan Daugherty
Amanda Tappan from Life Improvement Media Group, Inc.
Amanda Tappan
Products & Services


Life Improvement Media Group owns Life Improvement Radio and Life Improvement Radio After Dark. Both stations are heard world-wide with over one million listeners annually. Whether it be advertising, sponsoring, guest appearances, or hosting your very own show, we can help!

Social Media Integration & Management

Surprisingly, most businesses have not tapped into the gold-mine that is “social media”. It involves much more than just an occasional post on Facebook. Businesses that have developed a strong presence on social media are far more likely to be discovered – due largely to the fact that social...


Our mobile photography studio can accommodate any type of gathering, whether it be a wedding, social event, theatrical production, or professional setting. Using state of the art editing and studio equipment, we can make sure that your booking is flawless. We can also provide a fun photo-booth...

Audio Production

We can produce commercials, voice-overs, interviews, audio books, mastered music tracks, jingles, CD recording, and telephone on-hold messages and waiting music.


Using our talented staff of writers, we can build content for your website, radio/tv/video commercial, promotional products, print media, social networking profiles, and more.

Talent Management

Through our music co-op, Connecting Local Music, we can help book/manage/train musicians new to the industry, or just need help expanding their reach.

Printing and Promotional Products

What sets us apart from our marketing competitors is that we own our own printing company! WePrint365.com is your one-stop shop for all printing needs. Not only can we print items such as business cards and flyers – we can do full scale duplication and photocopying as well as promotional products...

Graphic Design

Unique and visually-stunning graphics can do wonders to set your business apart from its competitors. We create our unique graphics by using the latest and greatest Adobe programs. Through both local and national printing product companies, we are able to feature your personalized logos and...


By utilizing all of our unique services, we can run an event from start to finish! Our employees serve as photographers, videographers, event crew, sound engineers, stage crew, logistics officers, bands, emcees, caterers, and more!

Web Development

We create websites of all different shapes and sizes! Using a WordPress foundation sprinkled with basic HTML/CSS, our websites will definitely exceed your expectations. Every aspect of your website is completely customizable, and each detail is carefully considered during implementation. Whether...

Business Management

We can help create business marketing plans, employee management, risk-cost assessments, technology management, and IT services. Our staff can also analyze your corporate image to insure synergy between all facets of your business.

Directory Listing Services

Life Improvement Directories is an online listing service to help with your internet marketing needs.

Video Production

Video production possibilities are endless! We can produce full-length infomercials, commercials, music videos, informational webinars, on-location event coverage, weddings, parties, educational tutorials, corporate videos, internet viral videos, personalized holiday messages, and testimonials.

SEO and Internet Marketing

Our unique and ethical approach to SEO will help your website reach high rankings on all of the major search engines.
Businesses We Recommend
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