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Ryan Campbell from Thinkspace Design
Ryan Campbell from Thinkspace Design wrote
Shopify is way more in depth and easier to use. It integrates well with Wordpress and other basic sites too (more)
Sonny Croudo from The Eklektik
Sonny Croudo from The Eklektik wrote
I have been using Eat24 for over a month now and got 3 orders so far (new restaurant), 2 fraud attempts, 0 payments for pickups, 0 tips and 20 calls from them. In general I would give it a try and ... (more)
Cory Sylvester from GoEngineer
Cory Sylvester from GoEngineer wrote
This is the only way to achieve long term success in any business. Especially in medical sales where I have lived for 28 years. Your reputation is everything and you better live up to your promises... (more)
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