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Transition Planning, Inc. is committed to helping you plan ahead for the major transitions in life so you may create a more positive legacy. Some transitions are voluntary while others are inevitable. The better you prepare for these life-impacting changes, the more fondly you will be remembered when you leave it all behind.

You live at this time and place for a purpose. Are you fulfilling it? Who is important to you and why? How will their lives be impacted by you - especially if they depend on you?

Are you ready for your ultimate transition? Let's work together to help you prepare for your next life-changing transition.

How We Got Started

I have a passion for helping people avoid the two biggest mistakes in their financial plan:

1) Not adequately planning ahead for the disasters that can derail your plan, and

2) Not considering the impact of taxes on your plan

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Glen Thiessen from Transition Planning, Inc.
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