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Kimberly (Hatcher) Habermehl from Town & Country Real Estate wrote
Thank you Nita for the Like. I have worked under the Bigger Brokerages in the past but for the past 12 years have been an Independent. So I love and only refer to the Independents out there! (more)
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Rolando R. Rocha from Infinitude Mobile Marketing wrote
I was a member of a Gold Star here locally when I was consulting with a local SEO company. I will say, as for paid groups, this one did generate clients. It justified the cost of the membership. ... (more)
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Eva Fernandez, LMSW from Compassionate Consulting wrote
Yes, I have networking events every other month, because I believe face-to-face connections are best. Each month I feature two speakers and one rising star looking for employment. I also do an iceb... (more)
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