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About Us

I am able to help business owners with Affordable healthcare benefits for their employees for entire household for only $39.95 a month or $24.95 for Dental Plus or Med Plus. We have saved thousands of families millions of dollars on their health benefits. We have no co-pays and no deductibles, no waiting period, no age limit and cover pre-existing conditions, we are a discount for fee service, nation-wide. Call me: 210-639-3659

How We Got Started

I believe that we are providing high-quality, affordable benefits to the average American Family. Many that are in the gap, cannot afford traditional insurance premiums and earn just enough to not qualify for Medicaid. I can help with our affordable benefits.

Our Ideal Customer

Persons or companies that want to save thousands of money on their healthcare benefits. For as little as $39.95 you can cover the whole household members for Dental, Vision Care, Prescriptions, Chiropractic, Tele-medicine, (doctor on call 24/7) Hospital Advocacy, & much more.

Our Team
Martha Gonzales from martham.savewithdiscounthealthcare.com
Martha Gonzales
Benefit Consultant
Products & Services

Ameriplan Dental Plus

This with our Dental Plus program, $24.95 a month for entire household, save up to 78% on dental services, 50% on braces. No age limit, cover pre-exiting conditions. martham.savewithdiscounthealthcare.com

Ameriplan Deluxe Plus

Affordable healthcare benefits, such as Dental, Prescriptions, Vision Care, Chiropractic, Ancillary Services,Telemedicine, Hospital and Health Advocacy For only $39.95 for entire household.
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