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About Us

We started this journey over 14 years ago with a vision to help businesses succeed online. That vision has transformed Blazonco into what it is today—a website design and online marketing agency with a track record of success among businesses both large and small, from major enterprises like LegalZoom and Laura Scudders to innovative startups like Watchminder and The Riders Club. We invite you to explore our design and marketing services and consider making your home online with us.

At Blazonco our standard is the evocation of visceral responses-- compelling users to come back, and effectively communicating brand messaging in the limited time that a site, email, banner, or any form or web media may have to interact with it's audience.

Our Ideal Customer

An established business that has an older website which needs to be updated. We also do a lot of work with new businesses so we welcome them as well.

Our Team
Daniel Harper from Blazonco
Daniel Harper
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Web site design

We design and build new websites as well as update existing sites. www.Blazonco.com
Businesses We Recommend
Libra IT is a professional team that can help businesses build, maintain or if needed replace/restore a system. It is best to work with them to keep your system working properly rather than waiting for a disaster. They cover all of Southern California and are glad to visit your facility to provide the optimum service at the best price.
Tim is not only extremely knowledgeable, his integrity is rock solid. He is more of a consultant than anything and if he cannot offer a better solution he will say so. A rare breed in the merchant account industry. If you take credit cards and have not heard from your merchant account company for some time, you need to talk with Tim Pidcock.
Excellent service and fair pricing. Delighted to have met my new mechanic. I drive an older Toyota, so I need mechanical help from time to time. Advanced Automotive & Tire Service seems to be one of the best auto shops I have ever known. Glad to have them working on my car(s).
HR Ledger helps remove any worry about handling all aspects of payroll, plus they provide service for much less than many companies can provide in-house. Their system is easy to use and they will assist with implementation. They provide much better service than the big guys and are provide superior service. Got questoins? Give them a call today.
the City of San Juan Capistrano is a wonderful place to visit or reside. There are many wonderful attractions and two of my favorites are the Camino Real Playhouse, https://caminorealplayhouse.org/index.html and the Serra Chapel at the Mission Basilica http://www.missionparish.org/parish-office. Also several great restaurants to enjoy in San Juan Capistrano and do not miss the annual Swallows Parade.
Wonderful local restaurant with excellent food, nice atmosphere and fun times. I know at least one couple who got together after they happened to meet at Salt Creek Grille. Reservations recommended since they are so popular.
Dr. Jim Slusher is a wonderful healer. Been seeing him for many years and highly recommended. He has a gentle touch, but also works to help get and keep a body in top condition. He is always suggesting healthy habits to make like better.
Brian is dedicated and hard working, always interested in helping others. Great service and fantastic business model. Highly recommended to help maintain and grow your business.
Great products and fantastic service. They work with customers to custom tailor a solution for merchant processing. Customers love them.
Cari was able to help me obtain 401k funds from an old account I had pretty much forgotten about. She is very diligent and resourceful. Call on her for your insurance and investing needs.
Quinn and Kelleen Connolly are excellent sources of insurance information. As brokers they are able to choose from a huge number of providers to tailor solutions for their clients. Watch out for captive agents who have no choice but to try to make their company's policies meet everyone's needs. Contact the Connollys today for the best solution to your life, health and business insurance needs.
Great water, great company and wonderful lady. Highly recommended.
Jan is very knowledgeable, but also caring and concerned about helping each person she meets to improve their lives. It is always best to pre-plan and be prepared, but with Jan's extensive experience and knowledge she is able to assist in just about any situation. She is very nice and willing to work with anyone in need. Highly recommended.
Grant and his team are experts with I.T. They solve problems but more importantly present solutions to help avoid problems down the road. They cover the greater part of Southern California and provide on-site service. Glad to recommend them for all I.T. needs.
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Growing your business one referral at a time.
Although we have been helping businesses succeed online since 1998, our own website is ready for an update. We are planning to launch our new site soon.
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Daniel Harper answered What Is Your Best Source for New Leads?
3 months ago
Referrals and business partners. We have built our business since 1998 on referrals from partners and satisfied clients. Always looking for new partners who we can refer business to as well as... (more)

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