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About Us

Our company is a marketing and sales organization dedicated to help people address their major challenge saving for their future financial security. Besides being financial advisors, we are also licensed Enrolled agents, helping clients who have an audit problem with the IRS.

We provide financial and tax planning to individuals and business alike. We have added a new team of Enrolled agents to handle the tax representation and resolution business. So if you have a delinquent taxes and you owe the IRS more than $12,000.00 in late payment and if the IRS is threatening you to levy your bank account or your pay check, contact us immediately for a free 30 minutes evaluation and recommendation

How We Got Started

I spent 20 years in executive management positions traveling around the globe and seldom seeing my wife and kids. I have decided to start my own financial and tax consulting business helping business owners and individual protect their wealth, their business and their family's financial future

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer (Client) is anyone who come seeking our help "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest".. Small and medium size business who are experiencing income tax, corp. tax and/or payroll tax and don't know or don't have the time to handle the repeated request from the collection department of the IRS. We handle that from A-Z once we get contacted by the client and signed an engagement letter.

Also, individuals and businesses who are struggling to file their personal and corp. taxes by the date due to avoid tax penalty.

Our Team
Edward Daoud from CAPSTONE Financials & Tax Resolution Service
Edward Daoud
Dr./ president & CEO
Upcoming Events & Promotions
We offer a one hour free consultation to help you plan for your financial future and save taxes and for retirement. If you business is a partnership with two or more partners please contact us to save each partner's share of the business in case their is a death of a partner or one partner become...
Products & Services

$100.00 Gift Certificate at Ruth Chris stake House

If you know a friend or a family member who owes the IRS more than $10,000.00 in unpaid taxes please have them contact us for a FREE 30 minutes consultation. Once they sign for our service we will give you a $100.00 Gift Certificate for a dinner at Ruth Chris.

Have you filed your 2015 tax or are you on extesion

If you are on extension and if your are a corporation, your final due date is September 15, 2016 However, if this a personal tax (1040) your final date to file is October 15, 2016

Wouldl you like to shelter some money from taxes

over the next couple of months, we will be offering one-on-one tax and financial planning seminar to optimize your upcoming years taxes and save for your retirement nest egg. We can help. We are financial planners and Enrolled Agents (EA) serving Orange, San Diego and the greater LA Counties for...

Business Owners with 10 or more employees

If you have 10 or more employees who want to have life insurance with no cost to the business owner. We have the answer. Termsetter Term Life from Cincinnati life with Minimum Face $25,000 and issue age 0-75 pay roll deduction. Once again no contribution from the business owner. This is not a...
Past Events & Promotions
Let's show you how you and your employees can maximize your social security benefit when they reach the full retirement age. If you have 5 or more employees and a conference room, we come to your facility on our dime and present the concept in and easy to understand way and will not take more...
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Free 60 Minutes consultation on how to get the best out of your retirement income. You must bring all your investment statements to get the best out of the discussion.
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If you refer a tax payer(s) with several years of unfiled tax returns or unpaid payroll taxes and the IRS has put lean/levy on his bank account or paycheck, we will prepare and file your unfiled 2015 taxes at a 50% of our normal rate. Just call us (949)630-2298
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