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About Us

Our goal is helping you to have the most healthy, vital, energy-rich life possible with the use of gentle 21st century chiropractic care.

We also correct the underlying causes of ADHD naturally.

Our Ideal Customer

Individuals from birth to grave

Chronic problems and needs real solution for it to end

Person afraid of the "crack" with traditional chiropractic

Real growth and healing oriented individuals

Person wanting to feel free in their body and life

Families struggling with attention and behavior problems (ADHD to Aspergers)

Our Team
Burton Wagner from Spinal Vitality
Burton Wagner
Products & Services

Twist and crack free chiropractic

We work with a very gentle type of chiropractic that empowers you to have your spine realign itself naturally.

The B.L.I.S.S. Program

This program corrects the underlying causes of learning and behavior issues such as ADHD, dyslexia and Aspergers.
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Past Events & Promotions
Come and enjoy casual conversation over a glass of wine (or juice) about Health, Wellness and the resources available at Spinal Vitality. This will be an informal evening to learn, share and enjoy your neighbors company. For more info:...
We can improve attention, behavior and all types of learned skills naturally. Changes that last a lifetime and help create that future success. There is no better time than now and I'll explain just how we do this. Plan on coming and please share this with all your friends.
I will be giving a talk on where attention and behavior issues come from based on a holistic approach of working with the brain and nutrition. Come and join in and invite your friends and family that can benefit from this information. I will be having this talk at my office in San Clemente at...