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We turn brand potential into business performance. - Our ideal Customer is the small business owner seeking to Increase Market Share.

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Helping San Diego small business owners navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. By creating effective and efficient Targeted Display Advertising Solutions, we help our clients grow their business effectively and efficiently.

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Our passion is helping small business compete, grow and achieve the success business owners are seeking. Helping San Diego small & mid-size businesses be found & increase sales through custom designed digital advertising, marketing and branding campaigns is our passion.

Targeted Display Advertising; Right Message. Right Time. Right Target

Targeted Display Advertising delivers the right message at the right time, to the right target. Learn how we can deliver quality leads and new business with "Targeted Display Advertising." Visit ricbender.com for more information about Target Display Solutions. Or complete the contact form...

Be The Next "Bender on Business" Guest Interview -

Ric Bender invites Business owners to be a guest on "Bender on Business" The podcast about small business and the people that run them. Use the podcast as a marketing tool - Get promotion for your business as the produced podcast is promoted on - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin and...
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Honest, knowledgeable, Integrity and I will work harder and smarter than the next guy.. Call Jim Glenn
When you need recording - contact Kroffi
talent, skill and listening
Karyn is extremely knowledgeable. She can handle the simple to the most complex of tax issues.
Broadcasting excellence
Rita is a professional with an eye and talent to do it right. I highly recommend you call her for expert advice and great products.
Top Forum Activity
Ric Bender answered Is Cold-Calling Desperate Looking Or Helpful?
5 months ago • 4 Likes • 1 Reply
I highly suggest the book "Fanatical Prospecting" to every person in sales. Your social media marketing must be robust, your SEO optimized, your advertising on target and your inbound content all... (more)
Ric Bender answered Has Anyone Referred Anyone Else Here on Alignable?
6 months ago • 2 Likes
I'm new around here and will be starting meetings in May. I have arranged many meetings and look forward to many more. My objective is to connect and recommend as well as be recommend by others,... (more)
Ric Bender replied to How Will Press Releases Benefit My Business?
5 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
William, Here is something to watch out for: Some press release firms will provide links back to your site. But after a while they will discontinue the link providing you with broken links to... (more)
Ric Bender answered What Tools Do People Use To Gauge Web Traffic?
6 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I use google of course but I love the heat mapping with Crazyegg as well. But we analyze sites with RazenTools which connects with google, which keeps us going back to google. But I will check out... (more)
Ric Bender answered How Do You Do Marketing For Your Real Estate Services...
5 months ago
Stephanie, Check out VigarooPlus - I refer realtors to this company all the time. It is owned by a friend of mine and the product works amazingly well - Visibility, Branding, Marketing, Leads,... (more)
Ric Bender answered What Percentage Of Your 2017 Budget Will Be Allocated To...
5 months ago
We have a 15% of review directed to Marketing. We currently divide that between traditional, social, mobile and event initiatives. (more)
Ric Bender replied to Local SEO Tactics: The NAP Method
6 months ago
Like to add one more to your list.. It's a hyper local site which employees NAP and follow links https://www.vigaroo.com (more)
Ric Bender asked What Tools Are You Using For Quality Link Building?
6 months ago • 3 Likes • 4 Replies
I know some would disagree but I believe link building is very important. I hoping the question will not fuel the conversation for or against rather directly deal with link building tools. So to... (more)

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