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About Us

Helping San Diego small business owners navigate the ever-changing digital, advertising and marketing landscape. By creating effective and efficient advertising, marketing and branding campaigns utilizing both traditional and digital platforms we hit the desired target achieving your desired results.

How We Got Started

Our passion is helping small business compete, grow and achieve the success business owners are seeking. Helping San Diego small & mid-size businesses be found & increase sales through custom designed digital advertising, marketing and branding campaigns is our passion.

Our Ideal Customer

Small business owners seeking to increase market share. We love tight budgets and clearly identified targets.

Our Team
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Ric Bender
Digital Sales Director
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Products & Services

Podcasting, The Small Business Marketing Weapon

Podcasting helps small business and entrepreneurs convey their business solutions as well as influence buying decisions. I help podcasters grow their audience and listenership with our unique marketing strategies.

Interactive Radio & Mobile Apps Really Perform For Small Business

Interactive radio allows your ads to entertain and engage, while serving your advertising objectives. Interactive radio can deliver digital ads such as surveys, games, scratch-and-wins, video, and other rich media ads which can be entertaining and drive heavy engagement.

Streaming Digital Radio Advertising Really Works.

People listen to audio on their phones, tablets and desktops. If your advertising message isn't taking advantage of this you're missing a huge segment of the audience. Audio is as popular as ever, and small business is discovering the efficiency and effectiveness of audio advertising on...

Targeted Display Advertising, Delivers Your Ads On Target.

Digital Marketing Targeted Display Ads deliver your ad to the right person at the right time and place. >> The campaign we create for you will include strategic integration of many targeting methods to ensure your brand message attracts your target audience. Here’s the bottom line; Right message...

Local Radio Advertising Delivers Results For Advertisers

People by the numbers are listening to radio during their commute. Morning drive and afternoon drive listening reaches the highest percentage of listeners. Talk radio more than music radio delivers a very loyal audience to local advertisers which deliver fantastic ROI for small business...

Local Business Directory Helps Customers Find Your Business.

A business directory that really works. List your business today for free. help local potential customers find your business online and get quality backlinks that help your SEO. Premium and FREE plans available. Visit Vigaroo.com

Twitter Tool Empowers Auto-Pilot Lead Gen & Branding

Twitter is one of the most powerful content marketing and distribution tools available for small business. The issue for small business however is creating the content and or being consistent with quality content that will produce real leads. "Social Media Amplified" is a twitter tool which sets...

Social Media For Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Consistent personal branding, marketing and lead generation are vital to your success. The problem however is the time it takes to really do social media right. Now you can put your twitter marketing on auto-pilot for personal branding, marketing, lead generation. It's effective and very...

Advertise In Popular Email Lists

When you advertise within our email lists you are able to reach many thousands of people on a Local level or millions on a National level. You can now send your advertising, marketing or branding message to our trusted subscribers.
Businesses We Recommend
When you need expert advice and attention to detail call Scott. Scott is a pro and because of his experience and attention he will help you mitigate the risk and provide the protection you really need. Call him today. You will be really glad you did.
I highly recommend Vigaroo Digital Solutions. Their unique social tools have really made a huge difference in my business. Thanks Vigaroo - I highly recommend Vigaroo wherever you are in the United States.
When you need recording - contact Kroffi
The strategic help you need when you are seeking to acquire a business.
I highly recommend Universal Pest. They work hard and care about their clients.
talent, skill and listening
Karyn is extremely knowledgeable. She can handle the simple to the most complex of tax issues.
Broadcasting excellence
Great product is always worth recommending. When so many other cut corners it great to find a company that delivers real quality.
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