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Whether you’re a job seeker, life or business coach, speaker, programmer, designer, expert, retiree, start-up, small business owner, marketer, or something in between, there’s a gig economy freelance marketplace for your human talents out there to help you. There are so many we are presenting a panel that includes entrepreneurs, plus corporate executives. These executives routinely hired freelance talent to cover all sorts of job vacancies paying as much as $150,000 a year.  

The trend toward a gig economy has begun. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors.There are a number of forces behind the rise in short-term jobs. In this digital age, the workforce is increasingly mobile and work can increasingly be done from anywhere, so that job and location are decoupled. That means that coaches, speakers, expert freelancers can select among temporary jobs and projects around the world, while employers can select the best individuals for specific projects from a larger pool than what is available in any given area.

Our Dream Team's mission is to help turn YOUR DREAMS of working full time doing the work you LOVE into your reality by transforming your thinking about the On Demand Gig Economy MARKETPLACES.

People from nearly 19 to nearly 90 are invited to join our free Facebook.com/Gig Marketplaces Networking Group to learn more and get help.

There is good news here for newbies to executives, mid-level managers, and professionals navigate the shifting economy and the emerging gig/on-demand economy marketplace. In the gig economy, both age, or being overqualified, can now each become an asset rather than a hurdle (FYI: in our own speaking panel speaker ages range from our 50’s, 60’s and also 70's. The panel presents encouraging role models.

Moderator, Mike Hayes is a veteran of NBC TV and Radio in NY, CNN -TV in LA, and 25 years working with

startup entrepreneurs in branding & direct response advertising; Chuck Yeager,is a veteran National Vice President of Marketing for Central Garden & Pet a Consumer Packaged Goods Corporation with nearly $2 Billion dollars in annual sales and hired gig seekers; Matt Fok, is a technology strategy veteran of IBM, AT&T and Oracle with expertise in Customer Relationship Management and virtual collaborative network, and now founder of eZ-Xpo for the new transformational economy; Barbara Edwards, is Founder of California Host, Corporate Conference and Event Planning and has 45 years of hiring independent staffing and will share what she looks for in the interviewing process and selection criteria.

Representatives of Gig Marketplaces such as Fiverr.com, (a gig marketplace with millions of users worldwide), will participate along with members of the press.

Our free Gig Marketplaces group on Facebook, provides its members with most of the ingredients needed for making a successful transition. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Programs that help to recognize and dealing with the hopelessness and helplessness, anger and denial, and all the other

negative. emotions that can come from losing a job. A positive attitude with no emotional baggage is a key to success in action.

2. Programs focused on self-assessment; figuring out our strengths, skills, experience, etc., - our gifts that we are offer in creating value in whatever we choose to do.

3. Programs designed to help in the preparation of the “marketing materials" needed to communicate who we really are.

branding, “marketing one pager”, LinkedIn profiles, Resume writing, workshops

4. Programs to improve and reinforce networking skills.

5. Programs to enhance Interviewing skills; handling objections; dealing with age issues; dealing with “over experienced” issues.

6. Job market information. - who is hiring, who are they hiring, and more.

How We Got Started

I have many years of experience in media (with NBC & CNN News) & marketing (TV & Radio Informercials), sales and product publicity working with thousands of startup businesses & solopreneurs. Today, I want to enjoy my time sharing information because sharing works better than selling.

Our Ideal Customer

The Entire ECONOMY in which we do business is transforming, and so you'd better be operating in it; because you can't make money, YESTERDAY! Whether you’re a business owner, job seeker, life or business coach, speaker, programmer, designer, expert, retiree, start-up, small business owner, marketer, or something in between, there’s a gig economy freelance marketplace for your human talents out there to help you. 

Our Team
Mike Hayes from On Demand Gig Economy MARKETPLACES & Media Marketing Mentoring
Mike Hayes
On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY from On Demand Gig Economy MARKETPLACES & Media Marketing Mentoring
On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY
Mike Hayes Broadcaster Social Marketing Expert from On Demand Gig Economy MARKETPLACES & Media Marketing Mentoring
Mike Hayes Broadcaster Social Marketing Expert
Products & Services

Free Client Acquisition TeleClass Today

Have a great small business story to tell? Why spend a bundle packing and promoting it when you don't need to? Free Master TeleClass about how to 1) make more sales, 2) attract more clients, 3) create the simplest system using free online accounts: Tuesday, May 24th 10 am PST ( that’s 1 pm...

Free Client Acquisition TeleClass Today

Free Master TeleClass about how to 1) make more sales, 2) attract more clients, 3) create the simplest system using free online accounts: Tuesday, May 24th 10 am PST ( that’s 1 pm EST) Just Call: 1-855-212-0212 Then Dial Access Code: 772-907-059 # Learn how to use the appeal of your...
Businesses We Recommend
Farmington is fortunate to have Bruce McLaughlin: Go Blue!
I HIGHLY recommend this exceptionally rare marketing company for their extraordinary knowledge and talent, but also for their genuine ability to build and maintain long-term friendships (like ours) with people they've never met face-to-face. One good heart can recognize another. There is NO QUESTION in my mind or heart the Paulette Smith is the only person you need to hire for the rest of your business life. Mike Hayes www.DreamTeamMentoring.com San Francisco Bay Area
Help people find work.
Mary is an AWESOME Networker, always will help support our local businesses, and a great resource. Thanks, Mary
I have used a virtual networking approach to help entrepreneurs grow their business since 1988, and KNOW that eZ-XPO is a proven approach!
Greetings, Again, Douglas, I apologize for the long note, but this is vitally important - for BOTH of us. But I have to ask; are you getting enough new customers or clients? Probably not, right? The problem is not you or yours individually - but rather, there is a new SYSTEMIC problem - that we have diagnosed - and once understood can provide greater new client attraction opportunities, on Alignable, Linkedin, to Meetup, or Facebook, and everything i between. A group of us on Alignable, are starting a SUMMIT DIALOGUE between about the emerging Strategy Shift with new resources and tactics so impactful that when companies such as Fiverr, Upwork, Uber, AirBNB began using the new entrepreneur gig economy strategy they grew so fast that they literally sucked the life blood right out of many competitors. This shift has already become so profound that the growth minded companies from startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses to Linkedin, WalMart, General Motors, to Meetup.com and many other companies are benefitting with rapid growth, while capturing more and more business from their competition. This is creating a serious “Have or Have Not” situation for other businesses who are not yet employing the new profound shift that is literally affecting our entire economy, and it’s rising fast. Where does that leave you and your business growth? The purpose of our starting weekly dialogues about this new business strategy is to help all business owners with a dialogue of such impact and magnitude that it can easily be the difference between your future, and the death, or growth of your business. I purposefully mean to be dramatic about this because I have become completely convinced that a Dialogue about this to PROVE to you the importance of this Strategy Shift and how its impact on your current and future business will depend on your understanding of it. I have been asked to speak about this business shift by City, County and State Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Colleges and Universities because they know the impact of this strategic shift rising so fast that word of needs a Paul Revere announcing that The Business Revolution has started and we are calling all entrepreneurs. WHY should YOU join this ongoing Summit Dialogue? Because while I have a solemn mission discuss this with people, the good news is about the new rapid growth strategies, tactics, resources, tools, connections and more to save you time and money while growing your income are too many to list. BUT there will be many new winners and many new losers caused by this shift in strategic thinking about business, and jobs, and working, and lifestyle, and more. Somebody needs to be leading this Dialogue Summit so we have organized a Dream Team of Experts and Thought Leaders to participate in bigger discussions and smaller breakout sessions over the coming weeks and months. Join the Rising Entrepreneur Gig STRATEGY SUMMIT DIALOGUE. Saturday, July 15th at 9 am PST (12 noon EST) Call (515) 604-9944 - Access Code: 914-024 # *Write these numbers down, and join us EVERY week - Join us EVERY Wednesday and Saturday at 9 am PST (12 noon EST) Mike Hayes Cofounder, The “YES!” Academy of Client Acquisition Strategies: Gain Mastery of Linkedin, Meetups, Webinars at up to 90% OFF Agency Pricing: Learn the www.OnDemandGigEconomy.com STRATEGY! Get to Yes with Confidence, and More Clients, More Often. Mike@OnDemandGigEconomy.com 1 (888) 254-0550
Linda Wiley is one of the Best Local networkers I know for Concord Small Businesses. I believe in supporting local businesses like Linda's Chem-Dry East Bay. Mike Hayes
Lynn is a Thought Leader and staying current is vitally important today. Mike Hayes
Steven "Shags" Shagrin is a great networking source for local people and always promoting local companies in a warm and trustworthy manner. He is also a smart guy with AMAZING inside financial money saving secrets that can help almost anyone.
In my opinion, Sunil Bhaskaran is not only the undisputed champion of the World of Meetup.com, but he is also a champion of the entrepreneur thought leaders who need to reach their ideal audience. I know, Sunil and chose to work with him because he is not only a great guy but as a small business publicity specialist, I know that Sunil has a list of Meetup Money Making Success Stories as long as your arm. Thank you, Sunil. I look forward to working with you for years to come. Mike Hayes www.OnDemandGigEconomy.com
Mike Driggers is The World's Leading Instant Authority Marketing Agent and We are Product to Have Him as a Member of our Meetup Dream Team Mentoring Group. Mike Hayes Meetup Dream Team Mentoring
Hello Bruce, and thanks for your reply. I am happy to provide recommendations for companies that I know are current about the big shifts occurring in the small business market and system. The rising gig economy broke it, and it is also the glue to fix it. So, I hope you will Join us every Wednesday or Saturday Morning at 9 am PST - when we hold gig economy STRATEGY SESSION Dialogues. +++ Join the Rising Entrepreneur Gig STRATEGY SUMMIT DIALOGUE. Saturday, July 15th at 9 am PST (12 noon EST) Call (515) 604-9944 Access Code: 914-024 # *Write these numbers down, and join us EVERY week - Join us EVERY Wednesday and Saturday at 9 am PST (12 noon EST)
FYI: Jerry your name doesn't come up in a search on Alignable.
Ron is a great small business source, forward thinking and always willing to support fellow small business owners. Mike Hayes www.OnDemandGigEconomy.com
Joy Case is the Best Networker of any Realtor, I Know in Vancouver, and that's what you want in a Realtor.
Hello Laurie Sanders, Thanks for connecting with me. I think it's just great that KQED is reaching out and connecting with your listener community. Community building is the future of media. Cordially, Mike Hayes
Max is an awesome networker because he is savvy about staying current in small business. I know the small business model has been broken by the rising new freelance economy, and that the freelancer economy is also the glue. I'm glad to recommend Max, and I hope you recommend me to, and help small business owners save up to 90% OFF marketing agency pricing. Mike@ondemandgigeconomy.com www.OnDemandGigEconomy.com STRATEGY TO SAVE.
Past Events & Promotions
Many small business owners still don't understand that they are now working in the On Demand Gig Economy; but they'd better wake-up if they are struggling to get new customers.
Join Free TeleClass from AmplifyAlignable.com Sharing is Better than Selling. Description Just Call: 1-855-212-0212     Then Dial, Access Code: 772-907-059  November 30, 5:00 pm PST (8:00 pm EST) TeleClass Chapter: Sharing is Better than Selling Description: The Alignable survey research...
Join Free TeleClass from AmplifyAlignable.com November 17, 10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST) TeleClass Chapter: Why InstaGram is a KING in the age of instant visual communications. Description: I create audio book cover graphics to go with my audio book productions and TeleClasses because of...
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