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About Us

Wine events offer a great and affordable way to bring employees, distributors and customers closer together. Dave can help with a number of your company events:

- Team building

- Wine-education happy hours (one or a series)

- Company cellar consultation and management

- Wine events for company retreats, sales meetings, etc.

- Customize your company's wine gifts

- Plan VIP tours of wine country

How We Got Started

Dave left a lucrative corporate marketing career to combine his passion for food and wine and brand marketing. Working with clients at all levels of wine sophistication, his greatest reward is lighting the spark that begins a new wine enthusiast.

Our Team
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Dave Chambers
Products & Services

Wine-themed education and entertainment

For companies and groups of all sizes, we inject an element of fun into your event. Call now if you want wine as your theme for team building, employee perk, a conference event, a corporate wine gift, custom wine labels and your firm's own bespoke wine - or something we haven't thought of yet!
Businesses We Recommend
Triple Twist did my makeup for my corporate video that you see at www.DaveTheWineMerchant.com. Mei was fast, easy to work with, and well-priced!
As impressive a client list as I've seen in the wine industry, from a staff that understands the wine and hospitality business from the inside out.
Fun. Environmentally sound. Cost effective. What's not to love?
Stacey and I combined our efforts to produce a tasting event featuring vegan-friendly food and wine. Not only was her food delicious, she was a delight to work with!
The Napa Valley experience offers much more than just great wine and food. This business provides visitors with a rarely seen part of Napa, an experience not to be missed. Easily enjoyed by the whole family, or in solitude - just let the guys know what type of day you're after!
Past Events & Promotions
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Join any of my four wine clubs and get a pass to my next wine tasting/education event. Clubs that appeal to curious wine lovers excited by making new discoveries of boutique wines from around the world. Yes, we still include West Coast wines, but about half our discoveries are international...
For many people, a vegan has a reputation for being more judgmental than a proselytizing religious fanatic. But not as much fun to be around. Not so with vegan Chef Stacey Ellis, who teams up with me for this fascinating exploration of unfined wines and vegan pairings. If you're an...