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We target small companies, non-profits and special events customers. We want to not only help build and execute an event, but we want to create a guest experience for our clients.

About Us

Event and Meeting Planner/Coordinator. Elegant or picnic casual, we are here to help you with design, planning and execution of your event. We help with references to every vendor you need, location search and creating tasks and timelines, so your event is nothing more than spectacular.

How We Got Started

I started out as a computer programmer and then branched out to event planning after I worked on a committee to do events. I left the company took my event planning certification course, opened my own business and have been super happy ever since.

Businesses We Recommend
Catered Too listens to their customers. Besides their amazing Chef that creates delicious dishes, their staff work very professionally with my clients from start to finish. I've also experienced Catered Too going above and beyond their scope of work and with a smile. Without a doubt I recommend Catered Too and refer them to many of my clients. They are truly a premier catering company.
I recommend ACPWC, because their training is bar none. Deborah Moody pays attention to her students, answers questions thoroughly and is extremely knowledgeable.
Tony is a person that really pays attention to his clients personal needs and works on every detail with perfection. He keeps events on time and makes it look like a walk in the park. He's also personable and a delight to work with. Recommendation: 2 thumbs up.
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I've volunteered for several non-profit organizations that help children from infants to college. As an example: some non-profits help families that can't or don't understand the importance of... (more)

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Maxine Goulding, CDMP from California Special Occasions
Maxine Goulding, CDMP