Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are those that have been impacted by trauma, abuse, Mental Health issues, substance use, victims of crime, and need hope to manage their lives in such a way that move them from surviving to thriving and an improved quality of life.

About Us

We are a 501 c3, Community based Mental Health service dedicated to the Education, Healing, Growth, and Preservation of families in our communities. We are committed to helping families heal and grow

How We Got Started

We became incorporated in 2012 after working in community based Mental Health services in Santa Clara County since 1990. It became apparent to me that my passion for helping families had to be done in a way that was true to who I am and services provided in a way that allows a family to foster hope, vision, independence and a desire to live healthy in the community; in turn the hope is that the family will give back to the community

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This will be a weekend addressing the healing and restoration of families and now is the time to do this! Weekend will include therapeutic workshops, psycho education, skill building, and an opportunity for families to experience healing and restoration! We also need businesses to sponsor...
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A weekend of therapeutic support, psychoeducation, relationship skill building, and lots of fun!

Mental Health/ Restoration and Reconciliation services

We provide Individual, Marriage, and Family therapy, Restoration and Reconciliation services which entails finding family members that you have lost connection with. We also provide workshops, seminars, mentorship,
Businesses We Recommend
Worked with Maurice for years -great man of integrity and Grace- you will be blessed by his services
Our Team
Elizabeth Sewart from Kingdom Family Resources
Elizabeth Sewart