Our Ideal Customer

Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. My ideal customer is someone who would like a unique (like a hat or scarf). Something they cant go and buy at a retail store that stocks 100s of the same thing. Each product is a bit different, just like each customer is a bit different. For example, a friend of mine purchased an infinity scarf for his daughter with the colors of her favorite college football team, the Oregon Ducks. The colors were Sage Green and Sunshine Yellow. He wanted something for her that he couldn't buy off the rack.

About Us

Thank you for visiting my profile. About two years ago my I had the heart-wrenching task of putting my mother in a Alzheimer's home. As we were going through all her belongings I realized that she had kept everything I ever made. All my crochet hangers, needlepoint and latch hook items. Going through all these things made me think back on all the good times I had growing up where we would spend Saturday nights creating beautiful items from yarn. Although a bookkeeper by trade, I realized that part of me loves to create beautiful things with my hands, but I was stumped about which craft to work on...hence the name Which Craft. I produce hand made hats, scarves, pillows and kitchen & bath essentials using a variety of yarn crafts. I also produce various decorative items for your home. Needlepoint, latch hook and embroidery are my current skills but I hope to add knitting one day. Many of my products are custom made and I work closely with my customers to create a product for them that they will love for years to come.

How We Got Started

I began Which Craft based on my love of crocheting, latch hook and needlepoint going back to my teen-aged years. Many times I would walk in a store and be unimpressed with the selection of scarves, hats, washcloths, pot holders, dishcloths, scrubbies etc poorly made and fall apart quickly. I decided I would try to make a product that will last.

Businesses We Recommend
Oh shoot I am sorry. I think I just unrecommended you. I am learning about Alignable. If this is the case please let me know I didnt mean to so this.
I've known Mari-Lyn for a few years and I've tried one of her pies and it was great. Her pies are a wonderful addition to any meal.
I have been working with Mike for several years. He is very responsive to all the questions I ask him and is very helpful in helping me understand this thing called insurance. I highly recommend him for your insurance needs.
The first time I met Carolina, she held up a pair of pants that just couldn't look good on me (at least in my opinion). But I was so wrong. She took me out of my comfort zone of jeans and frumpy clothes and put me into clothes that are stylish and slimming.
I love my business cards!
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