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Businesses who need to establish or enhance their brand with web design, graphics and web content. Audio, Video and Social media.

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I create web content. graphic design for the web and multimedia production. Wouldn't a pod cast or video be great? or how about articles you push to linkedIn with your expert advice! I work in Content management systems, am an expert with graphics and wireframes and can code. I can do a quick look or a more intense consultation to see what the internet can do for your business.

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I worked in radio for many years. I became an expert in audio production, then web design and graphic art.


The clinic had an old self made website that needed updating. I took the basic concept and gave them a direct and simple website.


wordpress website for local martial arts teacher. Needed to be accessible to the disabled, older viewers.
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Brooke Bradford answered I'm Currently Looking for a Logo Designer. I Have the...
24 days ago • 1 Like
Chelsea: I'd love to help you. I'm a graphic and digital designer in Santa Cruz. work with clients painting the entire digital picture, branding , logo design, website, everything to make your... (more)
Brooke Bradford answered What Is the Best Way for a Graphic Designer to Find New...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
ask people if they have a need, most people want some sort of printed promotional material. carry cards! (more)
Brooke Bradford answered Who Is the Best Website Hosting Vendor to Select?
11 days ago
I don't love any of them, but the web hosting du'jour I've been suggesting for clients is network solutions. I've also used blue host. Maybe it's just as important your web person stays with you... (more)
Brooke Bradford answered What Is an Inexpensive Way to Build a Website and Get It...
about 2 months ago
A better question is what do you want your website to do? I've talked to people who dropped thier inexpensive website because didn't bring them business. Great SEO is worthless if you dont back it... (more)
Brooke Bradford answered What Is a Realistic Monthly Budget for a Website for...
about 2 months ago
That is a complex question! I think the best approach is to consider your actual needs, size of your business and revenue you expect to generate for the business in relationship for your budget. ... (more)
Brooke Bradford answered How Can I Build More Relationships and Show My Worth as a...
3 months ago
William: I know the feeling! working on your own means you are subject to the seasons and inclinations of your clients. Moving from freelancer to a business is not easy. Either cherish your... (more)

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