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About Us

Capturing the oft elusive energy of living creatures and people in oil on canvas. Earned my Bachelor's Degree in Art concentrated in Illustration & Traditional Painting. I work in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor and Graphite. My Degree also includes 3 years of concentration in Metalsmithing (Gold and Silver) and in Classic Enameled Jewelry.

How We Got Started

Strive to keep a Hint of the Masters infused in this Modern world of Art.

Our Ideal Customer

Painting and Portrait Discount

This will run for 1 month...secure your place in my schedule.

10% off for mentioning Alignable, FCBK or Instagram Ad!

20% off for Veterans of our United States Military, Police and First Responders!! (Yes that means it would be %30 off for you our amazing heroes!)

Our Team
Susan Lavalley from Master Oil-Pastel-Watercolor Painter / Mural Artist---Layout & Design
Susan Lavalley
Master Oil/Watercolor Painter-People/Animals/Landscape
Products & Services

Oil/Watercolor/Pastel Portraits and Landscapes---and Mural layouts and design

Master Artist---Oil/Watercolor/Pastel Portraits & Illustrations---Mural designer. Let's talk about the creation of YOUR custom heirloom! With my commission schedule becoming limited call by April 30th 2017 and I will offer you a 10% discount for your early booking!
Businesses We Recommend
Splendid collection of Artwork...clearly excellent management of the collections for sale.
Clearly Experts.
Customer service professionals!
Absolutely beautiful designs.
Although all my kids are grown and independent I support your focus! It makes for such a great experience for mothers and their babies (Dad's too of course!) If you are willing, I would love to offer a painted portrait discount to parents in your welcome packet (if you have one) Let me know! I would love to get your cards also to promote your center.
What an awesome concept! realistic and friendly!
Love! Excellent photography....Intelligent style.
Great Collection of Paintings and 3 Dimensional artworks!
An absolutely genuine designer.
Intelligent collection of Artwork!
Friendly and clearly a customer service minded professional!
Love this radio station!
Love these!
Now this is service!
Classic and holistic medicine. Human and earth friendly. Excellent.
Past Events & Promotions
Fine Art, Custom Paintings Oil on Canvas - 20x24 Holbein Archival Pigments SOLD
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Click on my new website!!! www.susanlavalley.com 10% off your portrait for mentioning Alignable! 20% off for Veterans of our United States Military! Email to: susanlavalleyillustr8r@gmail.com Master Fine Art Portraits---People, Military Servicemen and women, Pet Portraits & Landscapes! ...
Take a peek at my artwork and if you find it worthy of a Re-share I am humbled and very thankful! https://www.facebook.com/ValleyArtsStudio1177/ Oil Painting. Artwork. Creating. Decorating. Colorful. Portraits. Landscapes. Murals. Designs.
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