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I have been working with homeowners and buyers for the past 21 years now, and my experiences have led me to building new construction homes, historical home preservation, renovation and remodeling, HVAC system designer, Residential Energy Auditor, Indoor Air Quality specialist, and of course Home Inspections, and mold Assessor. I have been inspecting homes for half of my career and I have worked with thousands of homeowners. I know a of great information about homes, but I am always pushing myself to continue to grow and learn every day!

I view every inspection as an opportunity to help buyers with the information that they need to fall in love with their new home even more and to make them feel more comfortable about what they are buying. With that said, I never hide information that I find during an inspection. I include everything that I find in my reports. Many inspectors only include the major concerns. I encourage my clients to use my report as a living document and to never ignore the little stuff that I find as those may someday turn into larger concerns. I feel that it's so important that I send you a reminder email up to a year after I do your inspection to remind you to not forget the small stuff! Every report includes photo and/or video documentation of any issues that need to be addressed so that you can understand exactly what I am referring to. Many times, I am also using my thermal imager to help me see things that most other inspectors cannot see! A thermal imager helps me see temperature differences that may mean a hiding moisture, pest, or structural issue!

I am certified by InterNACHI as a certified home inspector and licensed by the state of NY as a Home Inspector and Mold Assessor (see my license numbers below). InterNACHI trusts my inspections to the extent that they back my inspections with a Buy Back Guaranty. What that means is, If I make an error during your inspection, they will buy the house back from you at the full purchase price that you paid for the property. No questions asked! This policy is designed to give you the peace of mind knowing that even if I make a mistake, there is an entire organization behind me to help support you!

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Complete home inspection services including Indoor Air Quality, Radon Testing, Mold Assessment, Mold Testing, Odor Identification, Structural Concerns, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Residential Energy Audits, Pest Inspections, Expert Witness services.
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I have worked with Jolene and her team for several years and she is a consummate professional. She focuses on her clients and their needs and always works in their best interest. If you are looking for a real estate professional who is focused, determined, professional, and trust worthy, I recommend Jolene and her team!

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